Raluca Matei

Name: Raluca Matei
Study programme:
 Logistics Engineering
Starting month, year study programme: September, 2017

I am Raluca, a Romanian student seeking her dream in The Netherlands. I recall that no more than two years ago, back at home I was very inpatient to start my studies in this country. Why is that? Because of the so called “click”. When you click with a place, a programme, a career then you are exactly on the right path.

That desire to experience something new, different brought me at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo. Here I discovered my passion for logistics. By taking part in the “Open Day” organized for potential students, I was inspired by the presentation of one of my lecturers. For those who are not familiar with logistics, you just need to look around you. At all the material things that surround your daily life. As a logistician, you need to make all these “things” available. Things with which we are so used to, so that we cannot imagine our lives without having them. These range from basics such as clothes and food to more complicated ones like electronics and automobiles.

To put it simple, logistics starts with production, then it can continue with transportation, warehousing and distribution. This leads to a very logical but complex chain due to the many parts and processes which are involved.

What I really like is that all the knowledge is gained in a very practical manner. This can be very challenging because it requires putting your mind into action and becoming a sort of Sherlock Holmes. You need to detect the problem and to use your creativity for developing solutions.

As part of my study program, next year being the third, I am going to have the minor abroad. This is a great opportunity to live in France for six months. There I can broaden my knowledge in economics and business. I think that this would bring a great benefit for my future career. My plans after graduation are to work in the supply chain so the more skills the better.

For me The Netherlands is not only a place, it is my home far away from home. Join this adventure as well and become part of the logistics team at Fontys. I promise that you will not regret it!

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