Georgi Dzhurov

Name: Georgi Dzhurov
Study programme:
 Logistics Engineering
Starting month, year study programme: September, 2016

My name is Georgi Dzhurov from Bulgaria. I decided to study in the Netherlands, as I am person who learns by doing. That is why I was looking for Applied Sciences universities. I chose to study in Fontys Venlo, because it is located in the centre of Europe, which allows me to travel easily. I am a third-year student at Fontys with a major in Logistics Engineering. I chose to study logistics, as a big portion of the businesses world-wide utilise logistics to function. Furthermore, Venlo is one of the largest logistical hotspots in Europe as materials can be distributed throughout the continent within 2 to 3 days. After the first three semesters, I decided to choose Logistics Engineering as my major because I do not like routine work and prefer working on projects. I like the fact that the study is based on problem solving and optimization which is crucial for business development. I understood this better while I was doing my internship at Jabil Circuits where I worked on a project to improve a process in the warehouse. This is where I was able to apply the tools and knowledge from the first two years of my study in practice.

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