Testimonial Lisa Friedrich

Name: Lisa Friedrich
From: Germany
Study programme: Logistics Engineering
Graduation year: 2016
Current position: Inbound Coordinator at a fashion retailer

My name is Lisa Friedrich. I graduated in 2016 as a Bachelor of Science (followed study program Logistics Engineering). I’m working as an Inbound Coordinator at the fashion retailer Esprit. My profile is a mix of Logistics Management and Logistics Engineering.

I’m responsible for the availability of products and the on time delivery in all global warehouses. Therefore forecastings on the product assortment and for the warehouses is very essential. The different product groups need a different handling and cannot be treated in the same way. Within my job I work together with suppliers, the Transport and Customs Department or the different warehouse locations. Also quality is very important and needs to be monitored.

I chose not to do a Master’s degree since I wanted to build up work experience first.