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Programme Summary

Lifestyle is all about the way in which people shape their lives: sports and exercise, health, food, work and leisure time, looks, fashion, home and personal environment. International Lifestyle Studies grants our students insight into the lifestyles of various groups of people within our society. Students learn how to research mentality trends on these subjects. They use this knowledge to develop new lifestyle concepts that enhance the quality of people’s lives, both at an individual level and a societal level.

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What to expect from us

Students learn how to create meaningful products and services that make people more energetic, healthier, more relaxed, happier or more confident. Our prime focus areas are: health, food, human movement, leisure, appearance, work and living. A unique feature of this program is that we stimulate being creative and business-minded. Students learn how to analyse trends and develop concepts. From the first day on, students are assigned tasks for companies within the lifestyle industry.

What do we expect from you

You have to be curious, open-minded, business-minded and opinionated. The latest developments in society interest you and you want to positively contribute to our changing world. You are empathic and want to inspire people with your ideas. You’re a creative problem solver. Working together in a small group or multidisciplinary class attracts you.

Course type
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Start moment(s)
48 months
Bachelor of Arts

Open day - 17 November

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Fontys Academy for Creative Industries

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