Year 1 - 4

Year 1

General business subjects are the main focus of year 1. Throughout the year, you will work on projects that will require you to investigate a specific market and analyse business operations at a particular company. The theoretical background necessary for completing these projects is taught in tutorials and lecturers. In addition to knowledge acquisition, you will also work on various competences, including communication, critical thinking, project management and self-reflection.

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Year 2

The second year of the study programme involves work on two projects: ‘Go to Market’ which teaches you how to build a business case, and ‘Drive your business’, which focuses on optimising the performance of a multinational company. Throughout the year you will continue to develop core competences including communication and self-reflection.

StartUp Factory
Alongside the projects specific to IB, you will also work in the StartUp Factory where you will be joined by students from a different study programmes. You can choose from four types of project, for example setting up your own start-up company, or working on creative solutions to tackle problems at real-life companies. Whichever StartUp Factory project you choose, you will have an opportunity to work on your creativity and to learn all about communication with people from different backgrounds and different fields of study.

In other words, throughout year two you will broaden your background knowledge of IB-related topics while at the same time acquiring the skills you need to cooperate with professionals from other backgrounds, in the StartUp Factory.

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Year 3

IB is a general business-based study programme. In years one and two of the study programme you will acquire a wide range of business knowledge. Year three offers an opportunity to gain greater knowledge of a field that interests you, via a work placement and the minor.

Work placement
During the first semester of year three, you must complete a work placement at a company or in an industry of your choice. As an upcoming professional, applying for the work placement offers you an opportunity to practice job application skills, ready for the future. During the work placement period, you will deepen your knowledge of the real world of business. The work placement can be completed in any country of your choice.

During the second semester of year three you will deepen your knowledge of a specific subject, within the minor programme. The minor programme offers you the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a completely different field from your major. You can choose to complete the minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our 125 partner universities across the world. Following a minor abroad, at one of our partner universities allows you to acquire further language skills and experience a new culture.

Year 4

During semester seven you will conduct a full strategic review at a multinational company. This process allows you to research all aspects of the performance of a company, and to build up a multidisciplinary understanding of international business. You are also able to select two elective modules from the subjects on offer including E-Marketing, Leading Change, Consumer Behaviour and Supply Chain Management.

In the final semester you complete a second work placement, during which you will work on a practical problem within a company. You must research practical problems and report on your recommendations in your final product: the graduation report. After completing this final part of the study programme, you will receive the internationally recognized degree Bachelor of Business Administration.