StartUp Factory Project

Each semester you will take part in a series of projects! The most extensive project in the entire study programme is the StartUp Factory in year two. Together with students from other study programmes, you must establish your own StartUp Factory. Over a ten-month period, you will experience the real challenges facing any company. During this time, you will develop the knowledge and skills needed in all fields of business. At Fontys we refer to these business fields as ‘TEC’ (Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity).

For the year two project, you can choose from 4 options:

Ambience photo Fontys
  • Mini company/ StartUp Factory: here you will establish your own company! As part of a group of about ten students, you will write a business plan and develop your own product. This includes organising production and sales activities, and motivating your colleagues to ensure fruitful collaboration.

  • Commercial Film: Within this project, you are responsible for producing a commercial film for a real company. The grand finale for this project takes the form of your very own Oscar night!

  • X-Lab: At X-Lab, both individually and in groups, you will complete workshops aimed at delivering creative solutions for problems facing real companies.

  • Social Enterprise: The goal of this project is to join students from another country (at present Zambia) to establish a sustainable, long-term organisation.

Best StartUp Factory in the Province of Limburg

Five start-up companies from Fontys Venlo took part in the ‘Best Mini Company of Limburg’ competition. The final was held at the Centre Ceramique in Maastricht. Once again, the title went to one of the start-up companies from Fontys Venlo. First prize was awarded to Start-up company 24Sounds for their product the PhoneCone. This product amplifies the volume produced by an iPhone or iPod up to two-and-a-half times. The alderman of the city of Maastricht presented the prize to the students.