IB is a wide-ranging business-based study programme covering all the departments of a company: from general management to human resources and from marketing to finance. The study programme aims to prepare you for a management position within an international business environment.

During the course of the programme, you will consider all aspects of international business. In particular, you will learn skills that are highly relevant to today’s workplace.

  • Market research and preparing a market entry decision.
  • Management of multiple project types.
  • Thinking critically about the challenges that face companies and elaborating possible solutions.
  • Drawing up business plans.
  • Working in a diverse and multicultural environment.
  • Dealing with processes of change.

Following graduation, you will be qualified to head up a company, manage one of its many departments or start up your own business.

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What makes us special?

Broad-ranging business-based study programme, with opportunities to choose elective subjects and build a more specialised profile
Students from all over the world in a single classroom
Two internships
Possibility of attending one of partner universities around the world
Specific to IB Eindhoven
Own study association: The Business Club
Numerous collaboration activities with the Brainport region
An Honours Programme for talented students who demonstrate extra motivation.
Specific to IB Venlo
Own study association: OMNIA
StartUp Factory – start your own business; become a consultant for a company in the Netherlands or Germany; join a social enterprise or take part in our film project
Project Based Learning – each semester is focused on a single major project, accompanied by a range of modules aimed at building skills and knowledge.
  • Why study at Fontys

    We offer education which prepares you for the job market. We do so by staying in constant contact with the actual business environment. While teaching we provide you with the required theory, consequently we will ask you to implement this theory into practice by means of different projects, such as writing a business plan. We do so, since you’ll need to put your knowledge into practice too when you’re finished with your studies. Special about studying at Fontys and appreciated by students is our open door policy. This means that it is easy for you to ask questions to lecturers and ask for their feedback.

    Our international teaching staff combined with the international student population creates a dynamic and motivating environment in which you get in contact with many different cultures.

    IB – Eindhoven campus

    Fontys campus Eindhoven is located in the so called Brainport area. An area chosen as the smartest region in the world and known for its emphasis on technology and innovation. The combination of business and (economic and technical) education attracts many businesses and students. At this moment the IB department hosts more than 43 different nationalities speaking 28 different languages. We also have an international teaching staff.

    IB – Venlo campus

    Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences is located closely to the German border. Consequently, the university counts a high number of German students, which makes it a good location for you as an international student to learn some German during your time at our campus in Venlo. As Venlo is located so close to Germany, and has a lot of highways, a river and 6 airports within a radius of about 100 km, a lot of logistics companies are located in the city. Even better, Venlo was rewarded as being the number one logistical hotspot in the Netherlands. Since Venlo is so centrally located, it is very easy for you to travel to different European destinations like Paris, Brussels, Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. We are very proud that Venlo was awarded for having the best city center in the Netherlands a few years ago.

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    Come and see what it's like to study International Business at Fontys Venlo. Online you can experience a typical day of an International Business student.

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  • Course content

    IB is offered at two of our campusses. You can find the course description and curricula of IB at these two campuses below.

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  •   Courses Eindhoven

    IB is a wide-ranging business-based study programme. Students of IB learn about a broad selection of business-related topics such as general management, marketing, finance, human resources management and supply chain management. During years three and four, students also have the opportunity to acquire more focused skills and targeted knowledge through work placements, a minor and a choice of elective subjects.

    The study programme International Business at Fontys Eindhoven follows a more traditional approach to the study programme offered in Venlo. In Eindhoven, subjects are graded in the form of assignments and examinations. In addition, in each period, students working in teams of 4-5 are required to complete a project. These projects relate to the subjects taught during the period in question.

    We employ a mixture of different teaching approaches. In certain subjects we apply problem-based learning: on the basis of a study case, students are taught the underlying theory. In other subjects we ‘flip the classroom’. Theory is taught through the medium of videos that you study in advance. In class, under the guiding eye of the lecturer, students work on a series of assignments. For other subject we hold instruction sessions before students put the learned theory into practice in homework assignments. On top of all these classroom activities, we focus on personal coaching. All newly arrived students are paired with a single lecturer who acts as their tutor throughout the four-year study programme. This tutor will be your mentor and coach throughout your study career.

    Course content in detail

  •   Courses Venlo

    IB is a wide-ranging business-based study programme. Students of IB learn about a broad selection of business-related topics such as general management, marketing, finance, human resources management and supply chain management. During years three and four, students also have the opportunity to acquire more focused skills and targeted knowledge through work placements, a minor and a choice of elective subjects.

    The study programme International Business taught at Fontys Venlo differs from other IB study programmes in that Venlo employs a Project Based Learning approach. Each semester is built up around a single major project, backed up by a series of modules aimed at building your skills and knowledge.

    Course content in detail

    Word of welcome

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    Students sharing their experience

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  • Fontys way of studying

    At Fontys you study in various ways. There are lectures in classrooms with about 25 other students, sometimes classes are combined in a lecture hall. In practical lectures you work independently or with a project team on your assignments. The campus offers a wide array of facilities to study alone or with a group.

    Regularly you are in touch with your study career manager / tutor who supports you and guides you during your studies. In the second year you will work on group projects, such as the mini company, in which you gain practical experience in the field of marketing, finance and economics.

    In the third year you specialise in an area of your choice in a minor or semester abroad. After that you will do an internship at a company. In the fourth year you come back to Fontys to specialise more and you end your 4-year study programme with a bachelor thesis which you write during your second internship.

    During the whole study programme you will work in projects and on individual assignments, a method which will stimulate a hands on, independent way of working. At Fontys we believe in interaction. We like it when you ask questions during lectures and also outside lectures we are there for you.

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  • Study coach / tutor

    Your personal development is key to us. That’s why every student has its own study career manager / tutor. Together you discuss study results and any problems you might face, whether they be personal or study-related. During your internship and the graduation phase you will be guided by a lecturer in the role of an internship supervisor. He or she can help you with questions on your assignment, your tasks or writing your thesis. We have deliberately chosen to teach in small classes instead of large lecture halls as much as possible, because we would like to know you personally. Our lecturers and study career managers / tutors especially want to support you the best they can during your time at Fontys.

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  • Internships
    In the third and the fourth study year you will do an internship. You can choose the company yourself, but we also provide a list of companies we work with. Internships can be done in the Netherlands or abroad. The choice is up to you.

    In both internships you will solve a problem within the company. You experience what it’s like to work at a bachelor-level position. In the meantime you build your professional network. Not rarely an internship leads to a job. During both internships you will be supported by a lecturer. You will finish your study at Fontys with a bachelor thesis.

    There are numerous internship companies where our International Business students have worked: Philips, Minatra, Lely, Thetford, Claranet, ASML, Bosch Rexroth. These are some of the more well-known ones.
  • How to prepare

    Studying abroad is a big step. For many students it is the first time they live on their own. Suddenly you have to cook for yourself, buy groceries, open a bank account. Besides this you have to speak English all the time. For this reason it is essential that you are well-prepared when you start at Fontys. Every student needs to have an English level of at least IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550, but to fully understand the literature and theory in class it is advised to train your English skills. There are several preparatory courses to boost your English level.

    The Dutch education might be different from the system at home. We stand for interactive lessons in which you actively participate. Key to successful studying is self-study. Do your homework, attend all lectures and make notes during lectures.

    With the right study mentality and motivation we believe every student who starts at Fontys is able to graduate.

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  • Accreditation of this programme
  • International partner universities

    As a student of International Business, you will have various opportunities to acquire knowledge and expand your international network. During the third year of your study programme, you are able to specialise in a particular field, by means of the minor programme. You can opt to complete the minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our partner universities across the world. Fontys has an extensive network of partner universities and other institutes of higher education all over the world, any of which you can attend.

    Studying abroad is a tremendous learning experience, both from an academic and a personal development perspective. Open your eyes to a new culture, history and language. Studying abroad will bring you new friends, make you more independent and boost your confidence and self-reliance. The most significant impact of studying abroad is the personal growth and development of the participants.

    The map below shows the partner universities of Fontys Venlo.

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  • Partner Companies

    During your study programme you will come into contact with various companies on a number of occasions.

    • You undertake projects in cooperation with companies

    • Our career day offers an opportunity to network with companies

    • You will complete both your work placement and graduation placement at a real-life company

    Fontys cooperates with numerous large, medium-sized and smaller enterprises. The table below shows a small selection from the many companies we cooperate with.

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