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International Business

Programme in brief

In times of increasing global competition many companies operate globally or consider doing business internationally. But how do you decide on which markets to operate? How do you finance such undertakings? How do you hire the right internationally qualified employees? How do you make your product or service stand out from the crowd? These are some of the issues that managers at international companies face and for which you will be prepared during International Business (IB). The studies International Business is offered at either the Venlo Campus or the Eindhoven Campus.

Content of the programme

IB is a broad business study programme covering all departments of a company: from general management to human resources, marketing and finance. The programme aims at preparing you for a management position within an international business environment. Examples of projects you will work on are; writing a business plan for a company, managing the acquisition of a foreign company or advising organisations on whether to stay or leave a market. After your studies you will be able to either lead a company, manage one of its many departments or start up your own company.

What to expect from us

We train you to become an independent manager with knowledge of various fields; from marketing to management, from human resource to accounting. We teach you everything you need to know about running a business. The IB course is an international experience! You study with students from all over the world. This gives you an advantage over other students, because you already have a lot of experience with working with people from different cultural backgrounds. You also do two internships at companies abroad and you work on projects for international companies.

What do we expect from you

As a future student of IB you should be open to challenges and have a critical mind. Both being able to work independently and willingness to work in multicultural teams are preconditions for a successful study career. Here, an affinity to foreign languages with a special focus on English is desirable. What’s more, as a future IB student you should be particularly interested in different cultures and have a special desire to explore all facets of an organization. Most will therefore be striving for a career in internationally oriented companies.


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Eindhoven, Venlo

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Please note: Eindhoven does not have an intake in February.


IB Venlo

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IB Eindhoven
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The Fontys way of studying

“The Fontys way of studying” is different from studying in your home country. We expect students to not merely study from books, but we expect them to look for solutions to problems themselves (which we call Problem Based Learning). This also means that lectures expect you to actively participate during discussions. Moreover, you’ll need to write reports, solve problems in groups, conduct research and learn how to present solutions. This could mean that you have to adapt to the local culture, as this is likely different than what you are used to. Our approach does require some responsibility and initiative from your side. Nevertheless, in the end you’ll see that this approach prepares you very well for the working field after your studies.

Why study at Fontys?

We offer education which prepares you for the professional market. We do so by staying in constant contact with the actual business environment. While teaching we provide you with the required theory, consequently we will ask you to implement this theory into practice by means of different projects, like writing a business plan. We do so, since you’ll need to put your knowledge into practice too when you’re ready with your studies. Special about studying at Fontys and appreciated by students is our open door policy. This means that it is easy for you to ask lecturers questions and ask for their feedback.

Finance your study

Tuition fees are € 2,209 per year, for first enrolments fees are €1,104. This amount applies to students from all EU/EEA countries. For non-EU/EEA students the fees are € 8,330 per year. Costs for books and readers are not included. These tuition rates are without engagement. Please check the tuition fee indicator ( to get recent information about the tuition fees. Monthly living expenses range from €600-900.

Every EU/EEA bachelor student can get a loan to pay its tuition fees. Next to their studies, many students work in order to pay for their monthly expenses or just to have some extra money. In certain cases, EEA/EU students that work next to their studies are entitled to further loans. More information can be found on

Admission requirements

As a prospective Bachelor's student you must have a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards. Some equivalent international diplomas are the senior high school diploma GCE, British GCE A-levels, or the French Baccalaureat. Nevertheless, since every country has its own school system we will check your diploma once we have received it from you. In this way we can compare it to the required Dutch standards.

Open days

We organize several open days throughout the year. On this day you can visit the campus and see the facilities, meet lecturers, and attend presentations about the different study programmes.
The open days are organized on the following dates:


It is not easy for international students to find accommodation in the Netherlands. Therefore, Fontys offers a service to provide students with assistance in securing suitable furnished accommodation for the first period of their studies at Fontys. Fontys can only guarantee housing for a limited number of students. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you keep on trying to find a room yourself.