Nikola Nikushev

Tell us about your experience in Delta – track:

Since I have previous experience in programming in multiple languages the Delta excellency track offered me the challenge I was seeking.
I was able to improve my knowledge at a very fast rate. Everyday you have a challenge that you have to solve together with your team and there are numerous approaches. We have the freedom to experiment and find what are the best steps to take, we receive feedback and correct our mistakes.
I learned a lot about the Scrum Methodology and project planning, which I was able to fit into my daily studies, making everything better structured and planned.
When I started the ratio of English stream students and Dutch students was 1:2. Most students preferred to speak in their native language, however, everyone found a way to interact with each other, leaving no one aside. In the second semester we were only 2 English stream students (me and a Dutch student). When I was surrounded with Dutch students I felt welcomed with every team and I even was able to learn some Dutch.
A great thing about the Delta Track is that you are not students from one specialty. If you do not know something, you are about 2 to 4 meters away from a person that can give you an advice. Skills with Android, WordPress, PHP, Python, Raspberry pi, Arduino, Web Design, 3D Printers... are just a few of them.

Delta Track

• Is an excellent challenge.
• Full of opportunities.
• Structured, fast and progressive.
• Fun and innovative.
Your Mentors give you the foundation, the Projects to work on and the technologies needed. Then it's up to you and your team to see, how will you realise the rest.
When I look back, I am still happy I chose the Delta track, as It offered me a great boost toward my professional career.

In what project(s) you were involved?

I worked on 3 projects. 

•S.A.M. (Student Activity Monitoring)

S.A.M. is a project to keep track of time spent on a certain project by a student and the quality of their work that they provide for that time. Using your Android phone you can easily keep track of your progress and update it, sending it to the group anonymously. 
The teachers receive your progress and are able to keep track of who's performance is lacking or who is overworking.
I was evolved in the planning of the project and I was lead Android developer.


EARIS is a project that is focused on creating a platform that allows visually impaired people to experience their environment in a new way.
We were able to interact with Kinect and Arduino. I learn a lot about python, object tracking and motion tracking.

And something else that you want to mention about being an excellent student in Delta track.

I was the first English (Not Dutch) stream student that finished the programme..
I was able to inspire my fellow students that came after me, after I finished.
I really felt as an excellent student and I will most probably join the excellency track in my 4-th year, if I have the opportunity.

I believe that the programme is well suitable for students that wish to take on more responsibility, work in a team environment, use their knowledge from school and find the reason why do we study it. It allowed me to see my limits and surpass them.

Nikola Nikushev, Bulgaria
Information and Communication Technology

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