Chiel Zelders

"If you practice and keep doing it, you’ll become better and better... "

Why did you choose Fontys ?

" I chose Fontys because first of all, in high school, we actually had a lot of interaction with Fontys which was quite nice. I knew from the beginning about Fontys and about the quality of education, I checked the courses and I found that this university suits me on all the criterias of the studying process.
It's fine, I like it. The ICT part is more practical related, where we have theory first, then we apply theory in different projects. So, you really get the logics, how things are working around the ICT field. "

What do you think about the practical way of study?

" The practical way of studying is quite nice. The fact that we have projects that really have to get a desired result makes us enthusiastic and motivated. The help from teachers is also very important on this track. Therefore, their pieces of advice make us understand the core of the programming abilities.
One important point in the practical studying process is the teamwork. Because according to this practice we get prepared for real life activity in a working environment, where we have to interact with our colleagues. Furthermore, Fontys is an international university, so we get used to cooperate with different cultures, to be ready to act correctly and professional. "

How is the student life in Eindhoven?

" It is really good. You have a lot of nice places where you can go to, a lot of pubs which you can visit if you want, a lot of activities like sport clubs, gym and most of the basic sports. You all have them here close to Fontys. "

What's your experience of the study process at Fontys?

" We have theoretical parts but we also have the practical parts. I really like the fact that we have projects, because applying the theory is the best thing that you can do to understand the study material. For instance, sometimes, in theory everything works, but when you come to apply this theory in practice and get a different result it changes all your expectations. But this is the way of studying, through mistakes and experiments.
If you practice and keep doing it, you’ll become better and better... really understanding what you are doing. The way Fontys solves this things, is a great way. We have projects, we work in groups and do things together. So as a result you learn from each other with the teacher’s supervision. "

Ambience photo Fontys