Catalina Susnea

"The university that meets my requirements"

Cultural Shock experience: How did you overcome it?

" That’s something that at the beginning I thought I wouldl never experience, but then it hit me, just like it did to everyone else. I think that the moment when I overcame the culture shock, was during holidays when I wentback to my home country (Romania) for the first time. Every person that I had in my life had done the same, and I actually understood that this is the way my life should be now, and I had to accept it. "

Are you involved in any projects? Tell us about the projects and your experience in them?

" I’ve been here already a year and a half and I’ve been already involved in a lot of projects. Actually this is a very good thing about Fontys, so if you are such a person that needs a little push to do something, Fontys is the place that gives you this opportunity. The courses are made in a way that we have to be part of groups and make different projects and in the end you realised that you have a lot of achievements.

The most important project that I’ve been part of science now is the PRO-P, a huge, complex project, where we were a team of five people and actually it was meant to experience the team work. This because we had different tasks to do and therefore we had to work together as everything had to be organised at the end.

It is a lot of hard work but if you actually want to do something and achieve your goals you can manage everything. "

Does Fontys meet all the requirements in your study process?

" Yes! I can say that this university meets all my requirements from good teachers, good materials to technical equipment that can be borrowed from the university. "

Would you recommend Fontys to other students? Why?

" Yes! I would definitely recommend Fontys to other students. I actually did to some of my friends. Why not? Science it has everything that a student needs to improve their skills or their knowledge and more to this that the whole environment here is more friendly like in other universities, for instance all the teachers will try to be friends rather usual student – teacher relationship. This actually gives you a lot of courage to go to them and ask for help or advice if you need it and no one is judging you no matter what problem you have. "

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