Bogdan Ene

What is the pre-master programme?

The pre-master programme offers students the opportunity of following a master after finishing a University of Applied Sciences such as Fontys. It consists of a number of courses worth a semester of study and it is being held at TU/e. If during the first year a student has good average grade and if he is doing very well with the Mathematical courses, he can choose to follow this programme. The possibilities are either to start from the second year, in parallel with the Fontys courses, or in the third year. Of course, this can also be done after finishing university, but it is more time and money consuming.

How important is having a master degree?

A very good aspect of the curriculum at Fontys is that most of the studies are practical-oriented. The accent is not on theory like in other universities, but on the applied side of IT. On one side, this is a really good and helpful thing, especially for finding future jobs after finishing the Bachelors. On the other side, if a student aims to be even more successful in this field, having a master degree is crucial in his self-development process. The theoretical part that TU/e provides combined with the practical knowledge gained at Fontys is the recipe for a very good engineer.

Why did you choose to follow this path?

Even before I started university, I knew that I was going to go further with my studies, as in getting a master degree as well. This is the reason why I chose to follow the Excellence Master Track during my Bachelors. The path that suited me best was the one with all the courses in the third year. The downside of taking this pre-master programme was that I had to choose between this and doing a minor. The minor is a specialisation in a certain field and it represents a good amount of knowledge as well. However, I still believe that I made the right choice that will get me to the point of achieving my final goal.

What are the differences between Fontys and TU/e?

I was used to be assigned a task and to have to complete it, to always have a final project or to always see the results of my work concretised. This is the reason why for me it was a little hard in the beginning to accommodate with the regular, theoretical type of courses. Of course, it takes little time to realise how important they are and how much they make a difference in the way you approach and complete certain tasks. However, it is true that TU/e requires more hard work, dedication and self-study. The amount of workload is bigger than the average courses at Fontys and that is because there is a great amount of knowledge that has to be grasped in a rather short period of time. 

How do I feel about the workload of the pre-master?

Most of the courses have weekly mandatory homework and even tests that count for the final grade. This means that during the courses there is not much free time, as you always have to do the assignments on time and be present at lectures and tutoring classes. These can also be challenging most of the time and it requires a huge amount of self-study. However, it is also a good thing because in this way students are bound to working during the whole course. Otherwise it is really tempting to postpone the studying until the exam is approaching, a moment that is too late for a student to start gaining a course worth of knowledge necessary for passing the exam.

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