Learning methods

Our education offers 3 different learning methods, different ways of gathering knowledge and skills. During the first year you will have a more structured and predictable way of learning. Later on, as of your 2nd year, you may also choose for one of the other learning methods, in which you will have more personal input as a student.

  • In all learning methods you work with topics from the ICT professional field
  • You get lots of feedback which will stimulate you to actively get to work, often in co-operation with others
  • As of your 2nd year you can choose for the learning method that suits you best: course-based, demand-based or open learning. Predictability, guidance by your lecturer and freedom to choose your content may vary.
  • As of your 3rd semester you can choose your preferred learning method for each semester


Explained in this video


Explained in this video

Open Learning

Explained in this video

Second year up until graduation:

As of the 2nd year you can choose a specialisation and one of the 3 learning methods explained above, that suits you best at this moment. So, from now on up until graduation, you can choose at the beginning of each semester, which learning method you want to follow in that semester. Also, we will guide you in choosing the right learning method for you at each moment!


International students can only start in their first year with a Course Based learning method. Please apply here.
Dutch students have a choice whether they want to follow a Course Based or a Demand Based learning method.
Are you a Dutch student and do you want to start your first year Demand Based, please apply through our Dutch website.