ICTalent Awards

News from the ICT department: Latest ICTalent Awards

ICTalent Awards is the competitive showcase of Fontys University of Applied Sciences ICT department! All ICT students are given the opportunity to show their best work to teachers, companies and fellow students.

At the ICTalent Awards, students must convince the audience to collect the most votes for their idea. The three groups with the most votes will come in the big final. The winner gets the ICTalent Award and a cheque worth 1906 euros for each person.


All the companies at the ICTalent Awards had the chance to vote for their favorite participant. The three groups with the most votes came in the final: ShareDesk (English Stream), Storyline and SkyTect. In the final, they got critical questions of experts: Machteld Massee (DAF), Max den Dopper (Greenhouse Group) and Marco Willems (Accenture). Skytect was eventually the winner, because “Ruud and Patrick combined their passion with current events and had some innovative ideas.”

Audience Award and Viral Award

In addition to the grand prize, there was also an “Audience Award”” and a “Viral Award.” The audience award went to an international group: DroidEngine. These students had devised a system of managing and configuring external devices. The viral award went also to an international group: ShareDesk. They collected within 48 hours the most likes at Facebook and YouTube for their projectvideo.

Thursday 21th of May was the 3rd edition of the ICTalent Awards. Ruud Faessen and Patrick Eijkemans won with their idea “SkyTect” (see description below). They went home with the ICTalent Award and a cheque with the amount of 1906 euros.

Description SkyTect

Reduce the risk of hijacking planes, that is the idea behind SkyTect of the two 1st year students of ICT & Software Engineering. The idea is that when a plane is hijacked, the pilot can press on a button so that the controls in the cockpit no longer work. The plane will switch on the autopilot and determines on the basis of the distance that can be reached with the remaining fuel, the length of the landing place, the weather conditions and the landscape, where’s the closest landing place. Based on the shortest distance, the plane flies the route for a suitable landing place. The idea is already developed in flight simulator.

Ambience photo Fontys