Subjects per semester ICT & Technology

You will design and program a simple embedded system which interacts with your environment by means of sensors, actuators, motors and generic electronic hardware using microcontrollers like Arduino.
Introduction to imperative programming in C and C#
Introduction to Embedded systems
2Introduction to technical systemsProject:
You will present a solution to a traffic flow related problem
Embedded System programming in C
Object oriented programming and design in C#
Elementary electronics and measurement techniques
3Embedded Distributed SystemsProject:
Build a distributed solution for a (real) customer that entails a realistic challenge (for example a maze solver) or build a solution for an industrial problem
OO Analysis and Design
Programming in C++
Multithreaded (realtime) programming
Industrial Automation
Networking (distributed and IoT)
4SpecialisationSpecialisation choice.
5Internship ProfessionalInternship: Work and study in an ICT company
6Software EngineeringProject:
You will participate in an innovation oriented project for a customer.
Advanced Embedded Systems
Software Design Patterns
Software Project Management
Model Driven Development
7Minor graduationMinor choice.
8Graduation assignmentGraduation internship