Subjects per semester ICT & Software Engineering

1Surviving the internetProject:
Creating your first desktop application using an object oriented, real world, programming language
Programming C#, assignment, if-then-else, repetitions, objects vs classes, simple computations, manual testing
2Basic software engineeringProject:
Creating a meaningful desktop and web application for a limited amount of users
Object Oriented Programming: inheritance, simple design patterns, method overloading, Class Diagrams, Web application, Database, SOLID principles, simple algorithms, unit testing
3Distributed Software EngineeringProject:
Develop a full stack web application consisting of or cooperating with several components hosted on different machines
Agile development (Scrum), REST-interfaces, full stack web development, object relation mapping (ORM), Angular/TypeScript, React, usability, international context
4SpecialisationSpecialisation choice
5InternshipInternship: work and study in an ICT company
6Enterprise Software EngineeringProject:
Create a large, robust and scalable enterprise applications capable of dealing with huge amounts of data and/or users hosted in a cloud environment, using state of the art techniques with real company stakeholders.
Scalable architectures, high performance interfaces, test automation, continuous integration/continuous delivery (DEVOPS), high level architectures, software as a service, microservices, test automation
7MinorMinor choice
8Graduation assignmentGraduation internship