Bachelor ICT & Software

This 4-year study programme is an international programme. It is a university programme conducted in English intended for the professional field of Software Engineering. With the knowledge and skills found at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, School of Information and Communication Technology, ICT students can work as high-level engineers in the ICT sector. This programme leads to the International Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Information & Communication Technology (CROHO: HBO-ICT).

What will you do at ICT & Software?

1st year of study

In the first year ICT offers theoretical subjects and practical laboratory training in several subjects including:

  • Programming in C#
  • Mathematics
  • Computer systems
  • Databases
  • Internet applications
  • Communication

2nd year of study (core phase)

In the second year in depth software engineering subjects are given, like:

  • Programming in C
  • System Development
  • Object Oriented Design
  • Client Server Application
  • Operating Systems
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Subjects per semester ICT & Software

  • Find more details about the subjects: here.
Subjects Semester 1 Subjects Semester 2
Year 1 Mathematics 1, 2 Professional Orientation/Personal Development 1,2
Programming in C# 1, 2 Databases 3
Databases 1, 2 Web Development 1,2
Introduction Dutch language and culture 1, 2 Programming in C# 3,4
Fundamentals for ICT Students 1, 2 Project P-Phase
Project Management Mathematics 3
ICT Assessment
Year 2 Object Oriented Development 1 Operating Systems 1,2
Networking Software System development 3,4
System development 1,2 Project Core-Phase
User Interface Design Android 1,2
Databases 4 Professional Orientation/Development 3
Cryptography Design Patterns
Client Server Applications
Web Applications 3
Year 3 Internship MINOR (free choice)
Year 4 Trends & Hypes Final project: graduation internship
Project E-phase