Bachelor ICT & Business

As a data scientist you answer all kind of questions for the management. You search inside and outside the organisation in large amounts of available data. You present your answers on dashboards and via visualisations, so the management can see at once whether or not the warehouse routing can be improved, what the competition is doing and what customers want. From this role, you also learn to be the linchpin between business and IT. You advise on:

  • Business: how can IT improve my organisation? How can we increase revenues with this new IT?
  • Builders: what IT should we build?
  • Users: How can IT be used to work faster, smarter and make it more fun?
  • IT Services: How will IT run as smooth as possible?

Both aspects intertwine: jou provide the business with better information, but you only can create valuable information if you understand the business and maintain a constructive relationship with them. Innovating with IT is only possible with business insights. During the programme you develop the analytical skills of a data scientist. You learn to work with data and to create business value out of it. Being aware of the costs and revenues of generating data and transforming it into information.

What will you do at ICT & Business?

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Subjects per semester ICT & Business

Find more details about the subjects: here.

  • Subjects per semester ICT & Business
    1Data in businessProject:
    What innovation do you want to facilitate?
    Start with Data visualisation with R, SQL, Getting acquainted with business terminology and processes, professional skills
    2Managing your journey to the cloudProject:
    Process optimisation
    Further in depth Tidyverse of R, SQL, Statistics, Modelling, basics of business and IT financing, information flow, professional skilss.
    The IT basics in order for the company
    Subjects: more advanced exploratory data analysis, risk management, compliance, ERP, IT economics, information management and IT organisation, professional skills
    4SpecialisationSpecialisation choice.
    5InternshipInternship: Work and study in an ICT company
    Using exploratory tools for auditing in network organisations
    Information/enterprise architecture, IT and Data governance, RPA, IT auditing, innovation and organisational change management, prediction tools, process mining, develop on low-coding platform, professional skills
    7Minor graduationMinor choice.
    8Graduation assignmentGraduation internship