Bachelor ICT & Business

Nowadays Business processes make use of ICT more and more and Business IT-specialists know how to apply ICT in organisations to achieve their objectives. A Business IT-specialist knows how to analyse organisations and business processes but is also able to give advice on solutions and transfer these solutions into design and – also important – to implement their designs.

Business Information Technology is a wide study field focussed on business processes and how to improve these processes by using ICT and also to make them quicker, cheaper and more client friendly. A Business IT-specialist can build bridges and knows how to cooperate and communicate: with management and the clients to find out what the organisation is looking for. This means working together with ICT-developers who realise the solutions developed by the Business IT-specialist and the users who have to work with them. This programme leads to the International Bachelor of Science degree (BSc) in Information & Communication Technology (CROHO: HBO-ICT). Our students are trained to become all-round IT-experts in Business Information Technology. With the knowledge and skills obtained at Fontys University students can work as high-level Information System Analysts and managers in the IT sector.

What will you do at ICT & Business?

1st year of study

In the first year the programme is for 75% the same as for the students who choose ICT & Software Engineering. From the 2nd semester you will do extra subjects related to business analysis tools.

2nd year of study

In the second year subjects such as are given:

  • International Business Orientation
  • Management
  • Economics, Law
  • International Marketing
  • Export Operations

Subjects per semester ICT & Business

  • Find more details about the subjects: here.
Subjects Semester 1 Subjects Semester 2
Year 1 Mathematics 1, 2 Professional Orientation/Personal Development 1,2
Programming in C# 1, 2 Business Economics 1,2
Databases 1, 2 Web Development 1,2
Introduction Dutch language and culture 1, 2 Statistics
Fundamentals for ICT Students 1, 2 Project P-Phase
Project Management Programming C# Business
ICT Assessment Excel
Year 2 System Development 1,2 BI-Dutch
Networking B IT Service Management
Quality Principles System Development 3,4
User Interface Design Professional Orientation/Development 3
Data Warehousing
Databases 3,4
OOD Business
Year 3 Internship MINOR (free choice)
Year 4 Enterprise Resources – Business Intelligence Final project: graduation internship