Karel Jeniš

" You can try a bit of everything that is involved in the business, specialize during the studies as you develop and better understand your innate abilities. "

" I always liked working with people and do a project-based work, and this is exactly Industrial Engineering & Management. You learn to be skilled, proactive and creative, by working on different tasks towards one goal with your team.

The projects in IE&M are school projects at first, then you carry out a practical project in a real business which you find yourself. Later you can even take the great opportunities and find interships abroad as well as studying abroad on a different university with specialization of your own choice, or stay in the Netherlands for a specialized course for the topic you prefer.

Working with diverse people from all over the world makes it an unforgettable and contributional experience, and the Netherlands is a suitable country as it has international environment. The area of Eindhoven is established as international high-tech centrum, which gives plenty of opportunities not only after the studies.“

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