Coffee machines, phones, medical devices; these all need to be ‘designed’. When designing these products, lots of questions need to be asked and answered; What does the customer need? How does the customer expect the product to look? How can the product be manufactured? What materials should be used? How can it be tested beforehand? How should it be brought to market?

    The study programme BSc Industrial Design Engineering helps you answer these questions. This unique study programme responds to the growing demand for ID engineers from the design and manufacturing industries.

    What is the programme’s focus?

    The complete design process of new products:

    • User-centred design
    • Concept development
    • Marketing, branding and consumer behaviour
    • Form Studies and aesthetics
    • Model making in wood, metal and plastics
    • Prototype building and testing
    • Product engineering and production
    • And of course; your own personal and professional development

    What makes the programme unique?

    • An international programme taught in English
    • The combination of design and engineering: approximately 60% design and 40% engineering
    • No portfolio needed to start the study programme
    • Excellent employment perspectives.
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      • Course Description

        Within this study programme, you will learn about the process of designing new products. From concept development and prototyping to production and bringing a product to markets. So, you need to acquire knowledge and skills in a wide range of topics, like aesthetics, production methods, materials, and user-centred-research. You will analyse existing products and learn to design and build your prototypes. You will also learn the commercial aspects involved in bringing a product to market. 

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        Applying theory to practice

        From day one, you will apply the theory into practice. Every semester, you work on at least one project and learn to implement your ideas using different machines found in our design and engineering workshops, like our CNC laser cutter and 3D printers. You will also experience working with diverse materials ranging from wood, metals, and plastic.   

        Many of the projects you work on are in co-operation with companies like Canon or Philips. Such companies are always interested in valuable Industrial Design Engineering solutions, and they often ask our students to collaborate on live projects of value to the company.  

        Propadeutic phase (Year 1) Semester 1 General introduction to Industrial Design Engineering
        Semester 2 General introduction to Industrial Design Engineering
        Main phase (Year 2 and Year 3) Semester 3 In-depth study Industrial Design Engineering
        Semester 4 In-depth study Industrial Design Engineering
        Semester 5 (approx. 5 months) Internship
        Semester 6 Minor (at Fontys or one of our partner universities abroad)
        Graduation phase (Year 4) Semester 7 In-depth study Industrial Design Engineering
        Semester 8 (approx. 5 months) Graduation internship + writing your Bachelors thesis

      • Internship

        Two of the significant projects that you will conduct during your study are also in co-operation with companies. These are your internships in the fifth and eighth semester. During these internships, you will work on an industrial design engineering-related problem that you will solve for the company. These internships provide a great opportunity to both deepen your practical knowledge as well as extend your professionalism and network.


        To strengthen your international experience, at least one of the internships or the minor must take place in a country other than your home country.

      • Partner companies

        During your study programme you have contact with companies on multiple occasions.

        • You have projects in cooperation with companies,
        • You have the opportunity to network with companies during our career day,
        • And you have both your work placement and graduation placement at companies.

        Fontys Venlo has cooperation with many large, medium-sized and small companies. The overview below shows a few of the companies we cooperate with.

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      • Exchange programme

        During the third year of your studies you have the opportunity to specialise by means of a minor programme. You can choose to do this minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our 125 partner universities all over the world. Doing your minor abroad at one of our partner universities allows you to acquire further language skills and experience a new culture.

        The map below shows the partner universities of Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences. The red pins are the universities you get to choose from in this programme.