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Programme in brief

The Industrial Design Engineer plays an essential role in the development of new products ranging from medical devices to office furniture. As a designer, you need to understand user needs as well as being able to specify the right materials and manufacturing processes. Industrial Design engineers consider how their work affects society. They make design decisions ensuring the optimum effectiveness of the resources used without compromising the quality or purpose of the product. They are able to act in different cultural settings and are aware of the need for sensitivity when designing and working across international boundaries 

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What to expect from us

You can expect to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become a successful ID engineer. In class, during workshops, you get the opportunity to work with different materials like wood, metals, and plastic. Moreover, you can expect us to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments. We invest in modern tools like 3D-printers and laser cutters.

We will support your development by providing appropriate academic and personal development guidance in all phases of your study. We have an open-door policy; our team of academic and support staff is readily approachable.

What do we expect from you

Are you curious, creative, accurate, and have a drive to create? Are you interested in design, technology, and people? Do you want a career that brings these together while improving existing products or developing new ones? Then we can teach you to make connections between theory and practice so you can apply them appropriately to solve problems you might face when you design.  
Most importantly: understand that your success is mainly dependent on the level of effort you are prepared to give to your studies. 

Workshop - 11 February 17:30-19:00 (CET)

Join the Industrial Design Engineering workshop! In this workshop you will get a better idea of the study programme entails.

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More about this programme
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