Course highlights

International Finance & Control is a four-year BBA degree programme which is completely offered in English. The study programme addresses economic subjects such as business administration, finance, organisation, taxation, controlling, investment analysis, and management techniques. You learn how you as specialist, can easily work together with other departments within an international company. Amongst others, you acquire these skills through management classes, the StartUp Factory and during two internships.

What do you focus on?

  • Analysing investments.
  • Finding the best way to finance new investments.
  • Controlling the different financial expenses within and going in- and out of the organization.
  • Finding out how international tax laws affect your international activities.
  • Digital data management.
  • Software to support your financial calculations.
  • Business administration.
  • Management techniques.
  • Basic general business skills.
  • Relevant soft skills such as communication, negotiation, professionalism etc.

What makes us special?

  • Four years of study – combination of practice and theory.
  • Next to specializing in finance and control, you learn to work with people from other departments and backgrounds.
  • StartUp Factory – start your own business, become a consultant for a company in the Netherlands or Germany, join a social enterprise, or take part in our film project.
  • Two internships.
  • Possibility to spend one semester at one of our over 125 partner universities all over the world.
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  • Course description per year

    Year 1 (Semester 1 and 2)

    In year one, you receive basic knowledge in finance, control, marketing, organisational studies, project management, and acquire skills such as how to write reports and do presentations. This basic business knowledge helps you communicate with professionals from different fields. Additionally, you work on soft skills (e.g. communication, negotiation, teamwork, professionalism, responsibility) and learn an additional language.

    Year 2 (Semester 3 and 4)

    After year one, you dive into the specifics of finance, control and accounting with subjects like computer based accounting, international financial markets, and controlling & cost accounting. Right away from day one, you work on a number of projects which give you insights into the real business world. The main project in year two is the StartUp Factory. Within the StartUp Factory, you work together with students from different study programmes. You choose between four types of projects like setting up your own start-up company, or working on creative solutions for problems of real companies. Each kind of StartUp Factory gives you the opportunity to work on your creativity, and to learn more about communication with people from different backgrounds and different fields. Thus, in this year you get more background on the specifics of finance, control and accounting, but you also work on cooperating with professionals from other backgrounds through the StartUp Factory.

    Year 3 (Semester 5 and 6)

    In the first semester of year three, you do a work placement in a company and industry of your choice. As a future professional, you apply yourself for this work placement allowing you to already practice your application skills for the future. During the work placement you deepen your knowledge in the real business world. The work placement can be completed in a country of your choice.

    In the second semester of year three, you deepen your knowledge in a specific theme within a minor programme. The minor programme provides you with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in another field then your major. You can choose to do this minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our 125 partner universities all over the world. Doing your minor abroad at one of our partner universities abroad allows you to acquire further language skills and experience a new culture.

    Year 4 (Semester 7 and 8)

    During semester seven you are back at Fontys to deepen your knowledge in finance and control. In the final semester you do another work placement and work on a practical problem within a company. You report the solutions to this practical problem in your final product: the graduation report. Once having concluded this final part of the study programme, you are rewarded with the internationally recognized degree Bachelor of Science.

  • Curriculum


    Semester 1Semester 2Semester 3Semester 4
    Project: Organisation of BusinessProject: Business PlanBusiness Administration IBusiness Administration II
    Marketing ProcessesSocial and Communication SkillsBusiness Information Systems IBusiness Information Systems II
    Accounting IAccounting IIFinance IIHuman Resource Management
    International Business / CostsFinance IInternational Financial MarketsControlling & Cost Accounting I
    Business MathematicsEconomicsEuregional Economics & Language IEuregional Economics & Language II
    Business English IBusiness English IIComputer Based AccountingSustainable Innovation
    Foreign Language I / LawForeign Language II / ICTOperational ManagementResearch
    Study Career ManagementLawStartUp FactoryStartUp Factory
    Study Career ManagementStudy Career ManagementStudy Career Management
    Semester 5Semester 6Semester 7Semester 8
    InternshipMinor e.g. study abroadTaxesInternship + Bachelor Thesis
    Finance III
    Controlling & Cost Accounting II
    Financial Reporting
    Strategic Management
    Management Skills
    Business Intelligence
    Graduation Preparation
    Study Career ManagementStudy Career ManagementStudy Career ManagementStudy Career Management
  • Start-Up Factory

    In the second year of your study programme you participate in the project StartUp Factory. Together with students from other study programmes you establish your own StartUp Factory. Over ten months, you experience the real challenges of a company. You develop knowledge and skills which are necessary for all business fields. We call these business fields in short “TEC” (Technology, Entrepreneurship and Creativity).

    For this project you choose out of 4 possibilities:

    • Mini company/ StartUp Factory: in this project you establish your own company! Within a group of around ten students you write a business plan, and you develop an own product. You organise production and sales activities and motivate your colleagues to cooperate in a fruitful way.
    • Commercial Film: Within this project you lead the production of a commercial movie for a real company. The grand final of this project will be a self-organised Oscar night!
    • X-Lab: You participate in workshops in which you, both individually and in groups, work on creative solutions for problems of real companies.
    • Social Enterprise: The goal of this project is to create a sustainable and long-term organisation together with students from another country (currently Zambia).

    Best StartUp Factory of the province of Limburg

    Five start-up companies of Fontys Venlo participated in the competition “Best Mini Company of Limburg”. The final was in the Centre Ceramique in Maastricht. Once again, one of Fontys Venlo’s start-up companies won this title. Start-up company 24Sounds won the first price with their product PhoneCone. This product amplifies sounds from an iPhone or iPod up to two-and-a-half times. The alderman of Maastricht handed over the price to the students.

  • Accreditation of this programme
  • Partner companies

    During your study programme you have contact with companies on multiple occasions.

    • You have projects in cooperation with companies,
    • You have the opportunity to network with companies during our career day,
    • And you have both your work placement and graduation placement at companies.

    Fontys Venlo has cooperation with many large, medium-sized and small companies. The overview below shows a few of the companies we cooperate with.

    Ambience photo Fontys
  • Exchange programme

    During the third year of your studies you have the opportunity to specialise by means of a minor programme. You can choose to do this minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our 125 partner universities all over the world. Doing your minor abroad at one of our partner universities allows you to acquire further language skills and experience a new culture.

    The map below shows the partner universities of Fontys Venlo University of Applied Sciences. The blue pins are the universities you get to choose from in this programme.