Mihai Iliuhin

" Be Curios. Think Critical. Be responsible and don’t forget to have fun. "

How is student life in Eindhoven (Netherlands in general)?

" First of all, studying abroad at the beginning was a little bit challenging, you don’t have that many friends and you don’t know the places very well. At the same time, this is the fun part, because you discover new places, learn new things and meet with interesting people from all over the world. Eindhoven is a beautiful place, also people are always welcome to help. During free time, you will always find interesting events happening around the city. You can easily find a chill/fun place to spend some quality time with good friends. "

Why did you choose Fontys?

" Fontys in the first place, focuses a lot on teaching students by assigning practical assignments. I found out, that this method suits me the best when it comes to learning and developing the critical thinking. "

What do you think about the practical way of studying here at Fontys?

" I like a lot the practical way of studying. I found that the practical work is playing a significant role in my learning process. Having a good base in theory and then apply that knowledge in practice is the best way to achieve good results, in my opinion. I think having only theoretical knowledge or doing only practical stuff is not very efficient. Here, at Fontys, I found a good combination of both. "

Are you involved in any projects? Tell us about the projects and your experience in them.

" This is the fun part. I was involved at Fontys in some projects from my first month of study. At the moment I’m working on two projects: One is about controlling a Hexapod trough a webserver with a PIC32 microcontroller, this requires some embedded knowledge, and the other one, is a robot that should climb stairs very fast and stabilize three glasses of beer!"

Would you recommend Fontys to other students? Why?

" At Fontys I made many friends from all over the world, I have learned a lot about how to work in groups and how to be a good chairman, I did many projects that were very interesting and challenging at the same time. Many teachers are more than welcome to help the students and guide them through their studies. I will also add that the knowledge and experience that you will get, depends only on you and how much passion, curiosity and motivation you have for learning something new. There are challenges if you come from abroad, but the experience and knowledge that you get are very precious and in the end you become a wonderful engineer who can make a difference in the world. Fontys is a good place to develop new skills and always be around awesome people."

Ambience photo Fontys