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Dance Academy (English)

Programme in brief

Fontys Dance Academy offers a 4 year full-time study program, Dance Arts in Context, that gives young dance artists and makers the education to develop their own signature and create their own performance work. Our three flagship profiles are: Contemporary, Contemporary Urban, and Bachelor in Choreography. They enable students to explore contemporary dance practices and techniques with different art forms to make performance work that is innovative, challenging and exciting.

Content of the programme

The Bachelor Dance is a four-year course with a strong focus on talent development, the physical aspects of dancing, the creative aspects of the art of dance, the link with the professional world and with society, as well as on cross-curricular projects. Already at an early stage you will come into contact with the professional career field. You attend classes and you carry out assignments, individually and as a member of a team. We have many international partnerships and the language of instruction is English. Thus you will be optimally prepared to enter the international career field.

What to expect from us

We place our students at the centre of a fantastic team of teachers and choreographers, in exceptional training facilities, alongside 14 other art schools ranging from Circus and Architecture to Visual Arts and Music. Authentic, curious and distinctive dance artists work in an inclusive learning environment, where individual growth and co-operative exploration are equally prized. Practical work is underpinned by an extensive and rigorous training and research programme that includes a wide range of performance and movement practices. We educate our students to create, think and produce collaboratively. They become dance makers and dance leaders who have their own voice, who take ownership of their own careers and who go on to take up meaningful positions throughout both the performing arts field and wider society.

What do we expect from you

Our students are the creators of and performers in their own work. They also perform in and contribute meaningfully to the work of others. We specifically appreciate students who challenge our ideas of what a dance artist is. We want hard-working, bright-thinking dancers from different backgrounds with an urgent interest in creative, playful, conceptual and resonant dance making.





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The Fontys way of studying

Having auditioned for the Bachelor Dance (graduate profiles Contemporary, Contemporary Urban or Choreography) you have been allowed to enter one of the graduate profiles. During the freshman year all profiles partially share a common curriculum. In addition, each profile has a specific programme.

An academic year consists of two terms of 15 weeks each, and a third one of 9 weeks. As a consequence, you are actively involved in your studies for a period of some 40 weeks each year.

Your curriculum is scheduled between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. You attend classes and you carry out assignments, individually and as a member of a team. At the end of each term you take examinations.

Your average weekly workload is 40 hours, including 30 contact hours. The number of weekly 90 minutes practical classes amounts to 15, on top of 4 theory classes. All these activities are located both inside and outside the school. Attending performances is part of the curriculum.

Why study at Fontys?

You want to become an innovative instigator. The ultimate goal must be to set out as a dancer or choreographer.

Fontys Dance Academy is part of the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (in Dutch: Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, FHK) and is situated in the city centre of Tilburg. All art schools share the same roof. You study at your academy which is a division of this college. As far as the dance discipline is concerned, there is, apart from the Bachelor Dance (Dance Academy), a teacher training in dance (Academy for Teacher Training in Dance).   Both dance courses have excellent teachers who are closely connected to the professional career field. They have a great deal of partnerships, both regionally and internationally; coaching and housing facilities are first-rate.

Finance your study

Please utilise the Tuition Fee Wizard at to determine the amount of your tuition fees. A distinction is made between statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees. Only if you satisfy all statutory requirements regarding your nationality and if you have not yet been awarded a degree, will you be eligible for statutory tuition fees. Via the Tuition Fees Wizard, you can secure an indication of the type of tuition fees that will be applicable in your situation. To do so, please make use of the above-mentioned link.

  • EEA-students* statutory tuition fees academic year 2017/2018: EUR 2.006 **
  • EU/NON-EU student institutional tuition fees bachelor programmes academic year 2017/2018: EUR 9.800**
  • Additional costs relating to books/readers/laptop are not included in the tuition fees.
  • Scholarships and loans more information at 'scholarships'.

* EEA coutries are described on (tuition fees)
** To determine the exact amount of your tuition fees, please use the Tuition Fee Wizard on (tuition fees).

Admission requirements

As a prospective Bachelor's student you must have a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards***. If you have a different education and are over 21, you can take a test to prove capability of studying at a higher professional education level.

*** Admission requirements are described on (admission requirements)

Additional requirements: audition
Prospective students have to apply for an audition at Fontys Dance Academy.

More information: 'auditions'.

Open days

- Sat 16 November 2019, 10.00 - 15.00 h
- Sun 19 January 2020, 10.00 - 15.00 h
- Sat 21 March 2020, 10.00 - 14.00 h


FHK provides higher professional education on bachelor’s and master’s degree level in the field of art education and performing arts. Our aim is to train our students to be skilled, self-confident and enterprising professionals. All courses are gathered in a beautiful new and historic building in the center of Tilburg.

This study is officially registered as bachelor Dance.