Propedeutic year

The Fontys way of studying

Having auditioned for the Bachelor Dance (graduate profiles Contemporary, Contemporary Urban or Choreography) you have been allowed to enter one of the graduate profiles. During the freshman year all profiles partially share a common curriculum. In addition, each profile has a specific programme.

An academic year consists of two terms of 15 weeks each, and a third one of 9 weeks. As a consequence, you are actively involved in your studies for a period of some 40 weeks each year.

Your curriculum is scheduled between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm. You attend classes and you carry out assignments, individually and as a member of a team. At the end of each term you take examinations.

Your average weekly workload is 40 hours, including 30 contact hours. The number of weekly 90 minutes practical classes amounts to 15, on top of 4 theory classes. All these activities are located both inside and outside the school. Attending performances is part of the curriculum.

Ambience photo Fontys

Programme of the propaedeutic year

With respect to content, the programme of the propaedeutic year is given colour by the creative dance artistry and the link to profession and society. The academy finds it very important that the student comes into contact with his future professional field at an early stage of his studies. The physical aspect of dancing is given a great deal of attention in this first year, whereby the talent development of students comes first.