Coaching and support

Your study and career counselor will coach you during your Bachelor Dance. He or she will be your personal supervisor. In addition, your teachers will coach you as well.

Physiotherapeutic support

The school works together with the Sports Medical Centre. This means: at the start of your training you undergo an extensive sports medical examination, performed by a sports physiotherapist, together with a sports medical physician. A physical test and specific trials of strength are part of the examination. The costs of these examinations will be reimbursed by most of the health insurance companies. With the receipt you get you can submit a request for reimbursement from your health insurance company. Several times per week a (sports) physiotherapist visits the academy. For advise, tape and treatment, please address the Student Administration Office. Treatment by a physiotherapist must be paid by the student, who can ask for reimbursement from his insurance company (provided that he is insured). The costs of a single advice are at the expense of the academy. In case of necessary individual training sessions, specific fitness exercises can be attended in the sports medical centre that is situated close to the academy. These are at your own expense. You receive support from a sports physiotherapist who will draw up a made-to-measure programme. A few times a week a sports medical physician is present at the sports medical centre. If necessary you can address him. Costs are at the expense of the student. (Many health insurance companies reimburse the costs of a consultation by a sports medical physician). Apart from that, you can contact the physiotherapist (or his practice) by telephone or e-mail at all hours. You can also contact the physiotherapist outside his working hours at the academy.