Bachelor Dance: Dance Arts in Context

The bachelor Dance: Dance Arts in Context consists of two different graduate profiles:

Contemporary (CO) and Contemporary Urban (CU)

Contemporary and Contemporary Urban are two branches of training which share the same basic program, although they differ in elaboration and specialisation.

Basic Program: Weekly classes: Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Improvisation, Performance Studies, Creation, Movement research, Yoga, Pilates, Choreography, History, Dramaturgy, Communication, Anatomy.

Basic Program: Projects; Students working with guest choreographers, projects where students are guided in developing their own work, interdisciplinary projects, projects in public space and other spaces/contexts.

Specific for CO: extra classes in Contemporary, improvisation and Butoh.

Specific for CU: Weekly classes in Urban dance as created in the nineteen eighties in the American urban subculture. This includes Hiphop (popping, locking, B-boying and house) and Authentic Jazz.

And non-European urban styles such as Contemporary African dance and fusion techniques such as Physical Dynamics.


The aim of the academy is to enrich the dance scene with more Urban dance languages. Contemporary choreographers love to work with more versatile dancers. The Urban dance language is a very communicative language which connects easily to an broad audience. We want to deliver contemporary dancers with a strong Urban movement language that know how to work conceptually and create Urban Dance Theatre. 

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