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Tilburg Dance City

You will find “Your dancefloor!” in Tilburg. For Tilburg has all links of the ‘dance chain’ within reach. Besides the Dance Academy as an institute for becoming a professional dancer, Factorium and Kunstbalie are active centres for amateur art.

This results in a collective approach (Tilburg Dance City) throughout the year of all dance activities, marketing and education. The different partners retain their own identity, but together they take the responsibility to ensure that, at all times, there are things to do and to see in the field of dance, and that talented dancers and makers can develop a fulfilling artistic career in Tilburg. For more information: 

There is a structural cooperation with Theaters Tilburg, Theatre De NWE Vorst, Dynamo Eindhoven, Factorium and Kunstbalie.

International Choreographers Week

Every year Fontys Dance Academy and DansBrabant are organising professionalization for choreographers. One of the outcomes is the International Choreographers Week. During this week a select group of talented choreographers will participate in a five day international programme on various locations in Tilburg. The week is organized for the sixth year by Tilburg Dansstad (Partnership between De NWE Vorst, DansBrabant, Factorium, Theaters Tilburg and Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts).

International Choreographers Week 2017

International Choreographers Week 2018

Project Making Space

Making Space is an annual project of DansBrabant & Fontys Dance Academy. Making Space is part of Oktober Dansmaand, an activity of Tilburg Dansstad. Streets, squares and parks in the Tilburg area the scope for different choreographers: researching what their work means in public space and how we experience this space in everyday life.

Making Space 2017

Making Space 2018


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