Auditions for Bachelor of Dance

If you want to apply for the Bachelor of Dance, it is compulsory to audition (three rounds). During the first round, you are observed while attending a number of classes. Your physical possibilities to dance, talent, dance qualities, and creativity are the main criteria. It is, however, not merely about being technically able to perform, but also about the way you deal with and react to the subject matter presented to you, and to the given instructions. The way you succeed in creating a personal interpretation is also part of the assessment. In the second round you perform a solo dance and in the third round you will have a motivation interview. You receive the outcome of the audition in a personal talk. After a positive assessment, the candidates are subjected to a medical examination by a sport physician.

Note: only potentials that are currently in their last year of High School (or that have already finished High School) can participate in an audition.


Make a request for registration at Then you will be informed by FHK about applying for admission.
The number of places for audition is limited. Invitations for participating in an audition are sent in the order the (fully completed) online registration forms are received.

Note: your application is not complete without a picture because the audition committee needs to link your application to you as a person.

There is a limit to how many persons can audition on every date, so be sure to apply on time!

There are no audition fees.

Audition dates

It is no longer possible to audition for the study year 2019-2020!

First round

  • Saturday 02-02-2019 - Application before 26-01-2019 (this date is no longer available)
  • Saturday 16-02-2019 - Application before 09-02-2019 (this date is no longer available)
  • Saturday 30-03-2019 - Application before 23-03-2019 (this date is no longer available)

Second & Third round

  • Saturday 16-03-2019 (Only for candidates from round 1)
  • Saturday 13-04-2019 (Only for candidates from round 1)

Extra Audition

  • Saturday 25-05-2019 (round 1-3), (this date is no longer available)
  • Wednesday 26-06-2019 (round 1-3) Application before the 22nd of June, but there is a limited amount of candidates that can audition this date, so the first applicants who complete their application (mind you there are two steps!) will get an invitation!