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Application deadlines ICM Eindhoven

September intake 15 June

The application deadline for students with a nationality from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria is March 31st. Please check here for more information.

Students holding a residence permit based on study from another university who want to switch to Fontys Hogescholen ICM can apply until 1 August.

Please note: Eindhoven does not have an intake in February

Please find below all the steps of the application process. Read them carefully, only after completion of all these steps your enrolment will be finalized.

All applications for courses in higher education have to be done through Studielink:

If you live in the Netherlands, you will need a ‘DigiD’ code. As processing requests for DigiD codes can take approximately five working days, please be sure to request your code via in time. If you don't live in the Netherlands (yet), you can choose for 'Create Studielink-account without DigiD'.

Make an enrolment request on Studielink

Please find detailed information on how to apply in Studielink here.


After we have received your application we will send you a link to a study choice questionnaire. It is compulsory to fill this out. Only after this we will start the diploma evaluation.

Send required documents

After your application in Studielink you can send the following documents (PDF-files only) to

1. A copy of your valid passport (your passport must remain valid until at least the start of your course programme) 2. A copy of your residence permit in case you already live in the Netherlands 3. Certified copy of your (secondary school) diploma(s): in the original language and in English (translated by an authorized person). 4. Certified copy of your (secondary school) grade list(s): in the original language and in English (translated by an authorized person)

In case you have not received your diploma yet, please send us your certified grade lists with grades which you received up until now. Please provide us with the (certified) copies of your diploma and grade list as soon as you have received these, June 15th at the latest.

5. An original English language certificate of the following levels:

IELTS Score of 6.0 or higher
TOEFL Internet Score of 80 or higher
TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition Score of * 80
* = temporarely accepted due to the Corona crisis
Cambridge English Score of 169 or higher

You can check here if you can be exempted from submitting the proof of English proficiency.

Diploma evaluation

After you have filled out the study choice questionnaire and we have received your enrolment documents, we will start the diploma evaluation to determine if your prior education is sufficient for starting the ICM programme at Fontys in Eindhoven. This procedure may take 2-3 weeks.

After a positive assessment of your certificates, we will send the result of the evaluation to the e-mail address you entered in Studielink. Make sure to check this e-mail account regularly.


After a positive assessment of your certificates, we will send the invoice to the e-mail address you entered in Studielink. Please note that as a non EU student you have to pay the institutional tuition fee. This fee is non refundable if you decide to cancel your enrolment during the academic year. You can find this in paragraph 2.3 of the enrolment conditions.

Visa procedure

As soon as we have received the payment of the invoice, we will start up the visa procedure. You will receive e-mails from VisaCare+ asking you to upload documents. For questions regarding this please email Only after all needed documents have been uploaded (and approved) in VisaCare+, we will send the visa application to the IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service). More information about the Visa procedure can be found here, please read it carefully.

Holding a residence permit based on study

If you hold a residence permit based on study where Fontys is your referent, please note that this residence permit will only be valid as long as your educational progress is adequate. As a student, you must attain at least 50% of the available study points per study year. If you fail to do this the residence permit can be withdrawn. If the permit has been withdrawn before September 1st your application or enrolment for IB will also be cancelled. If your permit will be withdrawn on or after September 1st your enrolment will not be cancelled. In that case please realise that you are allowed to study but you are no longer legally residing in The Netherlands. Unfortunately this situation can occur because there are two laws colliding in this matter.

If you have a residence permit based on study from another university please note that the IND has to approve the switch before we can enrol you. For that you need to fill in a form we will send you, plus you need to upload documents we will ask you for through Visacare.

Verification of diploma and grade list

Copies of diplomas and grade list transcripts sent by e-mail are not certified. That is why we ask you to please bring certified copies of your diploma and grade list when you arrive in the Netherlands for verification. Without these your enrolment cannot be completed. We will check these at the compulsory introduction on August 23rd.

For further questions about your application please send an e-mail to

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