Audition 2021

Audition procedure (update 15-4-2021)

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General Information

If you have any questions regarding the program, uploading your audition videos or online audition, please let us know.  


The deadline to complete the online application form is 9th of May 2021. Only selected candidates are invited to the online audition. Candidates will receive pre-selections results on the 12th of May 2021.

What can you expect from the audition?

The audition consists of one pre-selection (A.) and an online audition (B.)

A. Pre-selection

Pre-selection is organized via the online application form. Candidates must complete the online form, with or without the video. The video should be sent at the latest on 9th of May to

The video must contain:

1. Introduction (max. 1:30 min)

We like to know:

  • Who you are (First and Last Name)?
  • Where do you live and your Nationality(ies)?
  • What is your background? (Circus school, gymnastic, dance, theater)?
  • Do you have the required diploma to join a bachelor's program?
  • Which discipline do you want to do at ACAPA?
  • What is your motivation to join ACAPA?

2. Training/Performing in your circus discipline. (max. 3:00 min)

  • We would like to receive a recent video of your training/ performance. (Disciplines are: aerial rope, aerial silk, aerial straps, Chinese pole, dance trapeze, diablo, handstand, juggling, partner acrobatics, static trapeze, swinging trapeze, cloud swing, duo trapeze, tight wire) 
  • If you do not have a discipline or, are presenting a different discipline, please inform us in the introduction video. 
  • We will send the results of the pre-selection on the 12th of May 2021. 
  • The introduction video and the training/ performing videos need to be combined in one video (if possible) via a link on YouTube or Vimeo. The video should not be password protected. 

B. Audition days : 

Please note that only selected candidates will be invited to the online audition. More information will be send on the 12th of May 2021, after the results of the pre-selection.  

Looking forward to meet you!