After graduation

This study programme offers you excellent perspectives for finding a good job with one of the many automotive companies in the heart of the Brainport automotive sector in the Netherlands as well as in neighbouring countries. Automotive engineers are in high demand in the Netherlands and abroad. Professions that are open to you include:

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Development Engineer

Engineer Body Systems, CAE Engineer, CAD Engineer, Test Engineer, Product Engineer, Calibration Engineer, Reliability Engineer.

As a development engineer you design and develop vehicle parts or you implement improvements in existing systems. Nowadays these improvements are related to intelligent vehicle systems and involve the integration of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science. This multidisciplinary approach is one of the features of automotive engineering, in which simulations and testing are important components of product development. Or you might develop new products based on existing possibilities and new developments. In this case, you combine calculating, technical knowledge and practical actions. Another possibility is that you develop a simulation model capable of predicting the temperature of the cylinder head based on the heat input from the combustion on the one hand and the heat transfer to the coolant on the other. Plenty of possibilities since everything begins with an idea!

Project Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Supply Chain Manager, Maintenance Engineer, Process Engineer

Manufacturing engineer

As a manufacturing engineer you’re involved in optimally aligning subsystems. You might work intensively with the development engineer or with other manufacturing engineers (how can we make this in the cleverest way? the fastest? the least expensive?) because a broad approach in the discipline leads to amazing results.

Employment perspectives

There are many innovative developments in the world of mobility, and certified automotive specialists have been in demand for years.

There are always mechanical, hydraulic or electrical solutions, sometimes even a combination of these. You might have a client who can use your creativity and ideas to provide its customers with vehicles that facilitate or even fully automate the loading process. You can contribute to developments in busses so that a bus can easily be steered through traffic via a wireless network in which the axles can be separately operated (involving challenges in data communication). Or you can work on adjustments in vehicles that make them more comfortable for the handicapped. Automotive embodies innovation.  

Studying further

Are you a good and motivated student? And prepared and capable of making extra efforts during your studies in the Automotive programme? Together with the TU/e we offer you the opportunity to combine your HBO studies with a preparatory programme for the Master’s degree in Automotive Technology at the university. In this case, there is no transitional year; instead, you can get both a HBO Bachelor’s degree and a university Master’s degree in 6 years.