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Programme in brief

The vehicles of today are composed of intelligent systems connected to each other. There is a huge demand for lightweight vehicles that are able to communicate with their environment and this requires specialists who are willing to identify the limits in the field and push beyond them. The Automotive Engineering programme will teach you how to design, create, and test these vehicles. As an automotive engineer, you will collaborate on the development of innovative electric vehicles and the communication and navigation systems that operate in tandem with the vehicle and its environment. You will also work on creating sustainable, solar energy applications for heavy-duty vehicles.

The Automotive Engineering programme is a four-year English taught programme that focuses on a combination of theory, practice and project work. It leads to an international Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. For the first two years, every student follows the same curriculum. Starting in the third academic year, you will be able to make curriculum choices based on your own interests. You will be allowed to choose your internship and your minor. If you spend 40 hours per week on the programme, you will definitely complete it successfully.

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What to expect from us

The Automotive Engineering programme teaches students how to design, create, and test vehicles. The design of the programme is highly personalised, which enables you to get to know the team of lecturers very quickly and to feel comfortable almost immediately. At the beginning of your studies, you will be assigned a study supervisor, who will help to guide you throughout the programme.

During your programme, you will train your technical skills and conduct challenging research and development projects, resulting in innovative products/solutions and mobility advancements in the process.

What do we expect from you

Do you have a passion for engineering and automotive technology? Are you curious by nature? Do you enjoy finding solutions to practical issues? If so, then this is the right programme for you. Technical developments, especially those in mobility, are progressing rapidly. This means that you need to be able to approach problems creatively, be comfortable with mathematics, and be able to easily switch between theory and practice. Of course, perseverance is an important criterion for your success.

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