Especially for non-EU students who just don't meet the criteria for the bachelor program yet, but who have enough potency according to us, we have created the pre-bachelor. This program takes 1 year and is a preparatory year before the bachelor program.

The procedure to qualify is as follows:

  • You apply for the bachelor program (B Music & Instrument) via
  • You will be invited for an audition
  • After the audition you will get the result with one of the following possibilties: accepted for the bachelor ór accepted for the pre-bachelor ór rejected.

If you have been accepted for the pre-bachelor you will take many courses together with the bachelor students. If you have successfully completed the preparatory year you will start the following academic year in the first year of the bachelor program, however you will have to do an audition for the Bachelor.

If you still have any questions would you please send an e-mail to  contact us via:

Differences between “vooropleiding” (pre-course) and pre-bachelor/ verschillen tussen vooropleiding en pre-beachelor: 

Vooropleiding (pre-course)
Lessons in Dutch  (if necessary in English) / Lessen in het nederlands (engels is mogelijk)
Lessons 1 day per week theory and 1 day per week practice / Lessen 1 dag per week theorie en 1 dag per week praktijk
Course price; € 1450,- / Cursusgeld; € 1450,-
Only for EU students / Alleen voor EU-studenten
Course member after enrolment / Cursist na inschrijving

Lessons in English / Lessen in het engels
Lessons 5 days per week / 5 dagen in de week les
Tuition fee; €8000,- / Collegegeld; €8000,-
Only for non EU students / Alleen voor niet EU-studenten
Student after enrolment / Student na inschrijving