Paulien van Schaik

At the kleinkunstakademie they told me after half a year of preliminary training that I first had to do something with that singing and then later had to come back again. I have never gone back again. Music was everything I needed. By the end of my conservatory study I discovered that I wanted to write. After a year in America, where I mainly focused on songwriting, I started building up a repertoire. At the same time I got to know bassist Hein Van de Geyn, who asked me for a demo with his own songs when we 'went to do something'. After recording sessions of those songs, however, we always ended up playing standards together for hours. What a combination, only vocals and bass. Whatever a pleasure, we became more and more enthusiastic when we played together, so exciting, pure and honest. Three concerts, recorded live, resulted in our first CD 'Tenderly' for which we received the Edison Jazz Audience Award in 2002. 'In Summer' was the second album on which we invited trumpeter Bert Joris as a guest. For our third CD 'Musing' we extended the duo with cellist Frans Grapperhaus and viola player Yvonne van de Pol. With this line-up we once again did a theater tour and performed in 2007 at the North Sea Jazz Festival. Writing was a bit in the background, until I suddenly wrote a Dutch song. In September 2005 I decided to free up more time to really do something with this. Also in my own songs I am looking for pure and honest; the naked truth. A world opened up to me when I discovered how much more possibilities I had with that Dutch language. From 2007 I am principal subject teacher in Zang Jazz at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

Ambience photo Fontys