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Michiel Westerhuis


Michiel Westerhuis studied Drums & Percussion at the Brabants Conservatory and at that time played in numerous bands including E.Q.E, Tudo bem, Viviany Godoy & Banda Ax and Chili con Salsa. Besides that he is the founder and musical director of Medicamento. (www.medicamento.nl)

After his exam he left for Brasil to study there. He played with Kizumba, Timbalada and Olodum, and as highlight in this periode: recording a music video with Michael Jackson “They dont care about us”.

Once back, he completed his studies ('Uitvoerend Musicus) 'with honors. He is founder of Percussion school DanzaDanza (www.danzadanza.nl) and played as drummer / band leader in Full Colorz (Reggae, with Kenny B.), Volop sun, Trio Novo, Vai Passar, Som do Sol (Brasil), Miss Casita (Hip Hop), the Wawanko's and Chili con Salsa (Cuban Jazz ). He also drummed with Josee Koning (Brasil), Tudo Bem, Capim (Samba), Miss Thang (Soul), Fresh, Dazzled (Pop) Los Foulanos (Cuba).

He regularly travels up and down to Brazil and plays there with several bands including Banda Lobo (with singer / guitarist Zéu Lobo), and Robson (with singer / guitarist Robson Rodriques) He also made study trips to Cuba and Africa.

Michiel gives percussion lessons and is accompanist of the Afro Latin Ensemble at AMPA and he accompanied dance auditions at the Tilburg dance academy. Besides that he is involved with Flow Concepts (www.flowconcepts.nl) and supervises the Team Flow Process. Nowadays he is often found in his studio “Studio DanzaDanza” where he teaches, composes, creates, studies and inspires drum and percussion lessons.