Koen Graat

Vision on Teaching

Jazz History & Research has a focus on both the past and present of jazz and the historical connections between them. In the lessons jazz is considered as nowadays music. Of course students will learn about important musicians and styles of the past, but equally important is 'the here and now', as Miles Davis once described jazz. The main goal is to broaden the musical horizon of the students and help them create their own aesthetical views by listening, analysing and learning from music.Of course there will be a lot of listening, watching, and talking about music in class, but student will also have to do research themselves and visit concerts in order to develop their own views on music and musical skills.


Koen Graat (1977) teaches Jazz History & Research at AMPA. Furthermore he is involved as a promoter / programmer in two important Dutch festivals: November Music and Jazz in Duketown, both situated in Den Bosch. He also works as a promoter for Paradox, a renowned Dutch jazz venue in Tilburg that collaborates often with AMPA. Apart from that Koen is a writer for the printed magazine Jazzism. He graduated from AMPA as well as from the Academy of Jourmalism and Tilburg University (Cultural Science).

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