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Teaching philosophy - Jenny Spanoghe


Jenny Spanoghe is a passionate concert violinist and altist with great virtuosity and expression.

Jenny Spanoghe studied at the Royal Music Conservatory in Ghent, she completed her studies at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel under the direction of Georges Octors and followed Master Classes at Semeon Snytkowski and Philip Hirchhorn. Jenny Spanoghe won a lot of national and international prizes: she became first at the national Pro Civitate competition, won the Fuga Prize of Sabam and 'Fondale de la Fondation de France' twice, in Paris.

Jenny founded in 2000 the successful Duo Landini with organist Jan Van Landeghem, the Landini piano trio with Paul Hermsen and Geert De Bièvre. Jenny realized about 25 CD recordings, giving concerts and Master Classes all over the world.

As violin and viola teacher she is affiliated with the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Tilburg. She was an extraordinary teacher at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel, taught for several decades at the Academy for Performing Arts in Overijse and looks proudly at a long line of young violinists formed by her and making their way into music.

In 1996 she was presented with the Fuga Prize for her chamber music contribution as a defender of Belgian contemporary music, and in 2009 for her solo contribution. Jenny Spanoghe is an all-round artist: she makes paintings, exhibits regularly and has written ten volumes of poems, also in French. Jenny Spanoghe plays on an exceptional viola by Thomas Meeuwissen, 2002, on a unique violin Gand & Bernardel of 1877 and on the innovative five-stringed alto by Luc Deneys, Mirecourt, 2005. Bows by Pierre Guillaume, Jean-Pascale Nehr and Robert Pierce.

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