Annemieke Corstens

Annemieke Corstens began her study of violin at a very young age, under the instruction of Harry Curby (first violinist of the Hadyn quartet, and later founder of the Sydney Quartet at the Brabants Conservatorium). She continued her studies with Kati Sebestyen and Andre Gertler, and graduated from her studies in Tilburg and Brussels with honors. As of her graduation, she had already found success with the Dutch string trio, Boussu, which performed many concerts in the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and Austria under the inspiring coaching of Ervin Schiffer. In the Netherlands, the Boussu trio played a prominent role in the now-legendary “luistermuseum” organized by programmer Piet Veenstra. Annemieke has a strong interest in and commitment to contemporary music, which has led to numerous compositions being dedicated to her. However, she does not confine herself only to chamber music. As an soloist with orchestra, she has pursued a diverse repertoire, including works by Vivaldi, Schnittke, Mozart, Weil, Penderecki, Scelsi, et al. Following her formal studies, Annemieke assisted her former teachers in numerous masterclasses, pursued individual lessons with Viktor Liberman and the renowned Amadeus Quartet (among others), and was appointed head professor of violin at the Fontys Conservatory, where she remains. Because of her initiative and passion for young violin talent, Annemieke co-founded the Young Musician Academy, which continues to flourish. She takes pride in the fact that many of her former students have found respected places on the domestic and international music scenes.