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Online test Jazz History and Research by lecturer Koen Graat

About this assignment:
In Jazz History and Research we will focus both on the past and the present. We will be looking at different jazz styles, key figures, and influential (musical) movements that are part of the jazz history. But we will also make the connection with the present. Students will have to visit concerts and prepare a presentation with a focus on contemporary musicians. All together we will be approaching jazz as music of the present, and not only as music of the past. The course and tests will help you to improve and enrich your aesthetical awareness as a musician.

Click HERE and make the Online test Jazz History and Research. Good luck!

About lecturer Koen Graat: he works as a programmer for the festivals November Music and Jazz in Duketown and the venues Paradox and Verkadefabriek. Furthermore he is a writer for the magazine Jazzism, and is often asked to participate in commissions and juries. Jazz History and Research is part of the programme in the first and second year, and gives you a broader view of developments in music. It is complementary to other classes you will attend, both theoretical and pratical.
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