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Programme in brief

The Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) is an ambitious, innovative bachelor conservatory program that emphasizes high quality performance, chamber music, and creativity. The Academy brings students to a high level of excellence, while connecting music with other art forms such as dance, theater and fine arts. Our core programme components are artistic excellence, an international environment, entrepreneurial skills, intensive work with ensembles in residence, and interdisciplinary opportunities. We educate students to become leaders in their field and play important roles in the development of new visions on the music profession.

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What to expect from us

We educate our students to become pioneers in their field. Six core skills make up the pioneering attitude of our students: ensemble playing, self-management, interdisciplinarity, applied research, collective entrepreneurship, and international connectedness. Our professors are internationally renowned artists, who have the abilities to bring you to a higher level of artistry. In addition, a number of high-profile ensembles in residence will conduct extensive work with our students.

What do we expect from you

Studying music means working hard at doing something you love: music. You are musical, and have the academic skill set to pursue a Bachelor degree. We expect a high level of technical and musical ability on your instrument and, over the years, interest in working in projects with other musicians and artists. You are passionate, curious, and creative. You are ready to put your musical talent to work!