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STO7008 Operations Management for Competative Advantage

Introduction to the module

This module considers how to use business operations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. Operations strategy will be highlighted, showing how it needs to inform and underpin the design and improvement of all operational processes to ensure increased cost efficiency and maximise operational effectiveness.

Module Aims

  • To provide comprehensive critical knowledge and understanding of operations strategy;
  • To critically evaluate the ways that resources can be configured to create competitive advantage;
  • To analyse business operations and evaluate their contribution to the sustainable competitive advantage of the firm.

Objectives/Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a deep and systematic understanding of how to evaluate the operational resources of a given business.
  • Critically appraise advanced operations management theory and practice with regard to competitive advantage.
  • Critically assess alternative options about how to configure operational resources to create competitive advantage.
  • Select and justify appropriate solutions to operations challenges and consider the implementation of chosen solution(s).