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MAR7006 International Logistics and Supply Chains

Module description

You'll focus on international supply chain systems that facilitate the flow of goods and services in international trading systems and consider various supply chain management processes involved in optimising the supply chain performance to achieve and sustain competitive advantage in complex and dynamic trading environment. You'll also consider issues related to international trade and macroeconomic policy.

Module aims

To understand the strategic importance of supply chain design, planning and operation to firms to realise sustainable competitive advantage.

Assessed learning outcomes

At the end of this module the learner will be expected to be able to:

  • Evaluate the interacting and dynamic effect of operations in supply chain systems
  • Synthesise and design supply chain systems via business process re-engineering and information technologies.
  • Apprise the essence of building a strategic framework to analyse supply chain effectiveness.
  • Assess the central;ity of supply chaijn drivers in designing a supply chain network to support a firm's business strategy.
  • Evaluate the critticality of supply chain design and supply chain planning in devising supply chain strategies and implementing supply chain operations.