Are you musically gifted and do you seek a career as a professional performer on an international stage? Then this master might be for you. Fontys offers a unique programme with a personalised component in which you receive a 2-year budget to tailor the programme according to your needs. Additionally, a personal coach will guide you on your path towards your future career as a highly skilled and professional musician.


This study programme is truly unique. Throughout your studies, you will be supervised by your main professor, our personal career coach, and a research coach. As a Master of Music student at Fontys, you receive a two-year personal budget. In previous academic years, the personal budget ranged from €3000 to €4000 per year for students in their first and second year of study.You can use your personal budget to personalize the curriculum in accordance with your artistic and professional needs. Students who wish to take lessons with artists who teach outside Fontys may use their scholarship to do so, even if the artist is based in another country. The school maintains strong connections with local concert halls and venues, so you will have ample performance opportunities in the region.

Why this study in the Netherlands?

  • Extensive personalization and bespoke study programmes
  • You will be guided by three coaches: a main professor, your personal career advisor and a research coach
  • This study provides many network opportunities, as you can choose to be taught by educators and professionals from outside of the school
  • You will be part of an international community of 600 music students and 1500 art students

What are you going to learn?

We aim to offer you courses that will not only help you in developing your musical skills, but also educate you in abilities a contemporary artist needs in a rapidly evolving artistic landscape. As such, we have created research and personal and professional development programme to facilitate this, and we hope that you will be able to connect these courses to your artistic plan. In this way, your performance exam will not only be a wonderful artefact, but will also be supported by a strong contextual basis.

  • High level musical skills
  • Research skills to create context to your practice
  • Personal skills to communicate and work as an professional
  • Professional skills to build your own practice

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