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Open day Architecture Tilburg
22 Mar 2023 18:00 - 21:00
Thank you for registering for this open evening.
We will offer you a continuous programme, so you will have plenty of time to ask your questions to students and teachers.

This open evening will take place in our Villa (Entrance Bisschop Zwijsenstraat 5)

  • Pieter Feenstra

    Bio Pieter Feenstra

    Pieter is an architectural historian. After initial training in architectural design and visual art, he concluded his studies with architectural history at VU Amsterdam. The subject of his graduation was Chandigarh and Le Corbusier, which led to assisting students from Delft in organizing their exhibition and research on this subject. An interdisciplinary project by students from Landscape Architecture in Wageningen, the Art Academy in Arnhem and the Academie voor Bouwkunst in Arnhem by the name of Ouverture introduced him to the TU Eindhoven and MAU in Tilburg, and since then he has been guest teacher and critic at several places and occasions. In his practice he combines teaching and collaborations in design with writing -in the beginning for Wiederhall and Archis- and advisory work.

    Linkedin profile

    Tutor MAU Graduation Program

    ‘interconnections between architecture, urban design and the arts form a common thread in my interests’

  • Cecilia Chiappini

    Bio Cecilia Chiappini

    Cecilia graduated as a PhD in Architecture at KU Leuven (2021); as a Master of Advanced Studies in Urban Design at ETH Zurich, Switzerland (with a scholarship by the Swiss Government, 2012); and as an Architect from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, Argentina (2007). In 2021, she joined Fontys as coordinator of the Master in Urbanism. She is also a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Department of Architecture, and Teaches Design Studio at the Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels, KU Leuven, Belgium, where she works since 2015. Her practice, ARQ-CHIA, was funded in 2007 together with Eng. Enrique Chiappini, and currently advises in engineering and urban projects in Latin America and Europe. Cecilia experienced working in private practices at Mecanoo Architecten, The Netherlands (2013-2015) and at IN-VI Investment Environments (2008-2009) in locations in São Paulo, Cannes, Bratislava and Warsaw. She also worked in the public sector contributing to the Territorial Strategic Plan of the Province of Santa Fe (2009-2011) and teaching at her home university in Argentina (2012-2013, currently collaborating remotely).

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    Head of MAU Urbanism Program

    ‘cities are my fascination; design, my tool; space, my matter. I want to help imagining spaces where people, all people, can be protagonists’

  • Stijn Kriele

    Bio Stijn Kriele

    Stijn graduated in 1995 at the “Academie voor Beeldende Vorming” in Tilburg. Since then he worked mainly as a visual artist. In addition he gained a great deal of experience as a teacher, curator and graphic designer.

    ‘Every job is a different challenge. It will never be the same. It depends on the color of your paint, the amount of water in it, your brush, your mood, something you read or saw. Every moment is unique, you have to respond to that, and you have to make sure the relationship between your mood, your brush, the paint and the surface is right. It has to be done with common sense and loyalty. I dislike notions of inspiration and creativity. I pursue a normal balanced existence. That’s the inspiration.’

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    Tutor MAU First Year Studio

  • Ingrid Westendorp

    Bio Ingrid Westendorp

    Ingrid has a background in Public Relations, sales and marketing. Since 2006 she has been working for Fontys, first as the organizational backbone of Stadslab (lectorate Urban Strategies) and later as co-ordinator Internationalisation and organization for the Academy. She loves to work with students from all over the world and hopes to give them a piece of home during their time at the Academy. Next to her work at the Academy she is also involved as a project leader in the FHK lectorate “Artistic Connective Practices”. She is a board member at TIAFF (Tilburg Architecture Film Festival).

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    Community and Project Leader MAU

    ‘crazy about architecture and urbanism, serious about students’

  • Nadia Jellouli-Guachati

    Bio Nadia Jellouli - Guachati

    Nadia studied at the faculty of architecture and urbanism at TU Eindhoven. With her graduation project ‘Balise Urbaine’ she won an honourable mention for the Archiprix 1997. In 1998 she founded XS2N architects. With great passion for art, culture and nature as a connecting triangle in Nadia’s life, she takes on different roles as a socially engaged architect, conceptual thinker, teacher (TUe/MAU), project leader in the cultural field and as a farmer. She was project leader for museum Jan Cunen in Oss and president of the committees Cultural expressions Ethnic Minorities and Action Plan Cultural Diversity in the municipality of Eindhoven,that assesses subsidy applications from artists, cultural institutions and civil society organisations. She was member of the board of the Dutch Fund of Creative Industries and Dutch Design, Fashion and Architecture. As a member of Bio^mi, that raises awareness of nature as a great source of inspiration, she’s doing research on developing micro and nano surfaces, inspired by biologicalnanostructures and their specific characteristics to contribute to the development of (more) sustainable materials.

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    Head of MAU Professional Experience Program

    how to design our future world and live in a (more) sustainable way through (re)connecting with nature and how to educate the future designers?’

  • Alda Avdic Alagic

    Bio Alda Avdic Alagic

    Alda is an architect, educator and researcher with Bosnian roots and Dutch upbringing and education. She has extensive international experience in research, design, and teaching at institutions such as TU Eindhoven, Soongsil University Seoul, Ghent University and Research & Design Groups in Urban Strategies and Regional Entrepreneurship. She serves as representative of the academy in Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts management team and cluster of academies named Performance & Design. Additionally, she is involved in- and develops various educational, research and design initiatives with different stakeholders at the academy and wider. Her research focuses on networks of practices and their spatialities. From the perspective of complexity and networks, she has researched emerging regions in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium while her recent work gravitates towards (maker) spaces encompassing networks of practices in cultural entrepreneurship, arts and design.

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    Architect, educator and researcher

    ‘my ambition is to understand, facilitate and shape networks and sociospatial conditions for extraordinary things to happen’

  • Pnina Avidar

    Bio Pnina Avidar

    Pnina’s wide academic experience in architectural education includes teaching, curriculum design, organization and coordination of the architecture program, educational and curricular innovations and contacts with national and international educational institutes. She is a core member and co- founder of the ‘Education Academy’, the European network of architectural educators associated with the European Association of Architectural Education (EAAE). Pnina acts as project leader of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion project of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. In addition to her academic activities at the MA+U she is the co-founder and owner of 12PM-Architecture in Amsterdam (research & design), author in various media and former editorial member of OASE, design teacher at other Dutch architecture schools and international architecture schools, co-founder of several initiatives that focus on space in relation to society such as FAVA - spatial solutions and social empowerment, NLroute - Dutch landscape and tourism and 66East- a center for urban culture in Amsterdam.

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    Head of MAU Architecture Program

    ‘architecture is the result of a rigorous examination and iterative experiments, and not the validation of preconceived hypotheses.’

  • Jan Willem van Kuilenburg

    Bio Jan Willem van Kuilenburg

    Jan Willem is principal and founder of Monolab architects in Rotterdam. He graduated Cum Laude in 1989 at Faculty of Architecture,TU Delft. As a student in Delft he was a DJ for several years. He was member of the advisory committee Architecture, Design and Digital Culture at RRKC, (the Rotterdam Council for Art and Culture) and member of the advisory committee Architecture, Research, and Design at the Dutch Creative Industries Fund. Previously he worked as an architect for OMA in Rotterdam: one year leading the design team Euralille and two years leading the design team Congrexpo (Grand Palais Lille) in Rotterdam and Lille. Later he worked at NS-architects (renamed StudioSK) in Utrecht on infra and stations, KAW-architects in Groningen on social housing and the Architects Association (renamed AA architecten) in The Hague on public buildings. Jan Willem previously taught at TU Delft and the Rotterdam and Groningen Academies of Architecture and Urbanism.

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    Head & tutor of MAU Graduation Program

    ‘how can urban and architectural designers deliver a better synced existence for the upcoming generations?’