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Kenny Vink, firstyear student
“the symbiosis between practice and the educational program is amazing”


Program structure

We welcome graduated students from a range of different schools, disciplines, and cultural and professional backgrounds. The first year is fully dedicated to developing a designer attitude towards the world around us. The Core studio programme is supported by a range of skill-based trainings and a theoretical foundation on architecture and urban design, economy, sustainable design, and art history. Your learning outcomes will be assessed on the basis of a portfolio.
During the second and third year, you’ll follow a total of 8 studio projects, workshops, and a large number of advanced skill-based trainings. You’ll also engage in research and an in-depth theory programme. The studio assessments will confront students with a variety of different assignments, methodologies, and levels of complexity. Five parameters are used to differentiate between the studio projects: Programme, Product, Meaning, Context, and Geometry. Students will work on a range of different scales (1:1 to 1:10.000). Every second semester, students will organise an international study trip to visit projects abroad.
The graduation studio project takes up one full year through two possible formats: individual and/or team driven. Every student, either in the architecture or urbanism course, will follow the same process-based planning. The process will be supported by both personal, external tutors and project presentations with reviews at the Academy. Research and analysis take three months, during which the chosen issues of the self-defined assignment will be addressed. You will attend several lectures by professionals to find inspiration throughout the process. All research, strategies, experiments, and design work during the year will be interrelated and are aimed at tackling urgent societal issues for future generations.