Corona measures Master of Music

From September onwards we will organize a lot of live lessons:

  • 1 to 1 instrumental and vocal lessons
  • small group lessons
  • small chamber music & jazz ensemble lessons

There will also be blended courses with live and digital combined:

  • Electives & projects
  • Research

And there will be fully digital courses

At the moment we are re-designing the curriculum, but know, that we will offer a lot of live lessons. Therefore it is really worthwhile coming to our beautiful city of Tilburg. Besides this we changed the program towards current issues with Corona. Therefore, we will offer a lot of courses concerning ‘being a musician in Corona-times’. That implies courses on ‘how to earn money as a musician in Cornona times’ or courses on online, digital, technological possibilities for musicians (working with Sibelius, Finale, Abbleton, Amplification, etc.). These courses are offered to all music students on a voluntary basis.