Are you interested in Trends, market developments and human behaviour, from a diverse creative perspective? Are you wondering what our world will look like in the future and how we can create a sustainable and humane future for everybody? In that case, the programme of Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle is the right choice for you.


This creative study programme lets you work on concepts that bring about a sustainable and liveable future for all people. The central concept we focus on is quality of life. Learn how to design and shape lifestyle concepts by working on actual issues from the practical field, enhancing the quality of life on both individual and social level. You always work on the basis of research, trend analysis and future-thinking. These skill are then applied to the benefit of the companies, organisations, institutions and governments that shape the necessary transformation of our economy and society. Think of the coming shift in our energy sources or the transition of the healthcare sector. As TCL student, you can personally contribute to shaping the economy of the future: the creative economy.

Why study Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle in the Netherlands?

  • Work on meaningful creative concepts that enhance the quality of life.
  • Learn how you can contribute to a more vital, sustainable and inclusive society.
  • Learn how to combine your creative skills with social responsibility and professional business skills.
  • Work on actual practical challenges for clients from the practical field, both profit and non-profit.
  • The programme offers you both a solid theoretical knowledge base and practical skills, while developing your own personal vision.
  • Gain lots of international experience.
  • Work with students and teachers from other programmes in multidisciplinary teams while cooperating on practical projects in the Crossover Labs.

What will you learn?

Become a concept developer and researcher who can use creative, entrepreneurial and social skills to develop and realise meaningful lifestyle concepts. Lean how to analyse and interpret trends and translate your insights into innovative and future-proof concepts. This includes learning how to visualise analysis insights, create concepts designs and test them on your target groups.

  • The programme offers a mix of real-life assignments from practice, fascinating workshops and personal projects.
  • Acquire the following skills: trend research, concept creation and realisation, advising and reflecting.
  • Your fields of expertise: concept development, creative thinking, creative techniques, trend research, future thinking, lifestyle research, designing, marketing, branding, professional communication, language skills, imagery, presentation techniques, consultation techniques, cooperation and project management, anthropology, ethics.
  • Explore the sectors that contribute to quality of life, such as Health, Leisure, Appearance, Food, Human Movement, Living and Work.

Kanny studies Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle

She gives you a tour around Tilburg


How does your week look?

Studying is hard work. That’s okay, as long as there’s diversity in what you do. This is exactly what the Trend Research & Concept Creation in Lifestyle course will give you. One minute you’re working in a team on a trend report or a concept, the next you’re getting to know all lifestyle sectors within the programme: appearance, living, food, human movement, health, leisure, and work.