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Thiago about studying at Fontys Mechanical Engineering

Student stories: read the story of student Alessio! He tells his experience about the study: what does he like most, how does he experience studying in the Netherlands and what does he find difficult?

Why did you choose to study Mechanical Engineering?

"In my home country, I was studying Metallurgical Engineering. From there I knew that I wanted to study Mechanical Engineering. Since I was a kid, I wanted to know how machines work, how the software works and how I can make them by myself. My fascinations for machines is because of my brother. He taught me all about computers. I think it’s a family thing." 


Why did you want to study in the Netherlands, specific Eindhoven?

"My brother lives in France and I saw what great times he was having in Europa. But I didn’t feel like going to France. So I was searching for another country to study Mechanical Engineering. After some research, I discovered that I wanted to study in the Netherlands. From there, I started to compare different universities: I searched for the size of the university, the background, where they are located and how they are supported. I started reading stories from other students about what they liked about the university and the city. And that’s why I ended up at Fontys in Eindhoven. Within Eindhoven, you will find yourself in the innovative top technology region, also known as the Brainport Region. As a technical student, you will be offered many opportunities and be in direct contact with cool, international technology companies."

 "I started to compare different universities: I searched for the size of the university, the background, where they are located and how they are supported."

How do you like studying at Fontys in Eindhoven so far?

"It is amazing! Although I have to do it all by myself, I never feel like I'm on my own. I have my mentor who always supports me. The study advisor is also there to help you if you get stuck in your studies (for whatever reason). I also have personal contact with my teachers. This combination ensures that there is always a team behind me offering me personal guidance."

Is there something you like the least about studying in Eindhoven at Fontys?

"In the Netherlands, everyone is very strict. Everyone follows the rules and, for example, are always exactly on time. Everyone is inside their box, doing the things they have to do. It would be something if they would step outside that box, and see what’s happening around them. My habit is to takes a more relaxed approach. Of course, you have to follow some rules! But I had to get used to this new, strict approach."


How is the contact with other international students?

"Amazing! I made some really good friends. I met them during the introduction week and we still help each other with studying, but also with personal support. During the study years, I met new friends during projects and colleges. I am never alone and we support each other no matter what. "


What are the biggest differences you see between your home country and the Netherlands? 

"How they treat other people. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a big CEO from a large company: everyone is the same and will be treated with respect. Everyone is very open to get feedback and will always help each other out. That’s something you will not see in Brazil."


“Because we are in the Brainport Region, there are lots of opportunities for your future as an engineer.”

How do you like your student life?

"Pretty good. There are always parties, events and activities where you can go to. And what is nice is that everyone speaks English. You don't have to worry about to learn speaking Dutch. You get to know people at random places because everybody knows Fontys. Everyone is open about everything and are always willing to meet new people."


How did you prepare for your international move to the Netherlands?

"When I knew that I had been accepted at Fontys, I immediately started to arrange everything. I think I had arranged everything in six months before the start of the new academic year in September. Like arranging a visa, plane ticket and accommodation to live."


Would you recommend Fontys to other students? 

"Yes, for sure. Especially when it comes to personal support. There is a close team of teachers behind you who all have your best interests at heart."


What are your plans after graduation?

"I plan on continuing my work life in the Netherlands. Everything is well organised when it comes to working, housing and health. Besides, I always feel safe in the Netherlands. Of course, there are things that I miss from Brazil, like the food. But I feel at home here."


“I always feel safe in the Netherlands!"

What advice would you give to future students?

"Find a buddy to guide you. Not only through the new culture, but also through studying at Fontys. I had my brother from France who helped me out. But fellow students from my class also helped me get to know everything here."

Student Thiago Mechanical Engineering
Name Thiago Deolindo Nogeuira
Age 21 years old
Study Mechanical Engineering
Country of origin Brazil


“In the Netherlands, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or a big CEO from a large company: everyone is the same and will be treated with respect.”