Karla Ramic - Student Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts

"How many people that you know can tell you that they filmed a vlog based on a Netflix show for their uni assignment, I can!"



The DBC study programme consists of four academic years, and every year is divided into two semesters. Each semester is again divided into two periods. Each study period consists of four modules that you’ll follow every week: Personality, Digital, Project and Marketing Management.

The first year of the study programme is the Propaedeutic Year, and mainly focuses on exploration of today’s commercial world. This year will also have four period themes. These are: ‘Market Research’, ‘Concepting’, ‘Marketing’, and ‘Entrepreneurship’. All the courses of year 1 are focused on those four themes, and you will end the year having to present a big personal project in which you have to put theory into practice and apply all the elements learned in this year.

Your study week is structured as follows: 

  • 14 hours of classes
  • 10 hours of projects
  • 16 hours of self-study

Year 2

The second year of MM Digital Business Concepts is part of the Main Phase (together with year 3). This year is all about deepening your knowledge. You’ll expand on your theoretical insight, your work in classes, and your own creativity.

Besides having to finish theoretical courses, students will start working on two big projects in the first semester of year 2: Strategic Consulting and Digital Business.

Strategic Consulting is about intrapreneurship. Students will have to act as strategic advisors to companies by showcasing and implementing relevant skills learned so far.

Digital Business is about setting up your own webshop. Students need to identify a promising market and define their target audience, analyse the competition, gather a starting capital and start selling and distributing an actual product.

In the second semester of year 2, students will either do an internship or complete a Minor programme. You can decide which of these two you want to do first.

You need to arrange the internship yourself (with help from us of course) and you have the option to do it in the Netherlands or abroad. You’ll also decide on your Minor. Choose from the interesting options at Fontys ACI or Fontys or pick one at another university. Have you always wanted to study elsewhere in the world? Choose a minor abroad for one semester at one of our 45 international partner universities!

Please note!

Would you like to gain a Master’s degree at Tilburg University in one year after graduating from the MM Digital Business Concepts programme? Instead of doing the minor in the Main Phase, you can choose to attend the ‘Advanced Courses’ from the fourth year. This creates space to follow a premaster in the final year.

Year 3

The third year of MM Digital Business Concepts is also part of the Main Phase (together with year 2).

In the first semester of year 3, students are going to do an internship or complete a Minor programme, depending on the choice they made in the previous year.

When you return to school in the second semester of year 3, you’ll have lots of new knowledge & skills acquired after having completed an internship and a Minor Programme. You will be challenged to implement this knowledge and these skills in order to launch your own start-up based on a product or service that you’ve come up with yourself. You’ll work on this in a long-term marketing project, implementing all the knowledge and skills learned so far.

In the fourth year of your studies, you’ll attend 8 different Advanced Courses (ACs) for one semester. Four of these are specifically designed for DBC, and are therefore mandatory to finish, but the other four are up to you.

Within the ‘Advanced Courses’, you have several courses to choose from, among others:

  • Global citizenship
  • A Brave New China
  • Bootstrapping innovation (design sprint)
  • Web programming
  • Online psychology and neuromarketing


Marketing Management Digital Business Concepts offers four ways to graduate: 

  • Regular thesis trajectory
  • Start-up trajectory
  • Entrepreneur trajectory
  • Growth hacking trajectory
  • Of course, you should check with us whether you meet the conditions for the graduation project of your choice.

Please note! 

Would you like to gain a Master’s degree at Tilburg University in one year after graduating from the MM Digital Business Concepts programme? Then you can follow a premaster in your fourth academic year. If you choose to do this, you skip the minor in the third year and take the ‘Advanced Courses’ that you’d actually follow in the fourth year.